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Know thyself - more than a thousand years after these words were encrypted into Delphos' temple in Ancient Greece, the expression makes more sense than ever.

The world we live in is in constant change and social and economic upheaval, asking us to adapt to these developments, to accommodate to what is considered normal and to step up to the next level of competence, ability and brilliance.

We want to be prepared for these demands and to fulfill our whole potential. We want to deal more easily with our insecurities and weak spots and we want to make the most of our qualities. We also want to know why certain things happen to us, why we react in a particular way, how we can start acting differently...

Astrology is one of the ways we can do this because it allows us to get to know our inner nature. It can warn us of some of the unbalances within ourselves and the way we can deal with them more constructively. Astrology provides us with a new perspective over the challenges and crises we're faced with and it gives us an original way of looking at our lives.

In my study of Psychology and Counselling, the links between these disciplines and Astrology were evident, which made me think of how much they could both benefit if they weren't abruptly separated by the scientific authorities that reject the use of Astrology.

So I decided that if I brought these two systems together and possibly came up with something more complete and holistic, I could probably help more people. Psychological Astrology is an area that some of the greatest astrologers such as Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo work on. This is my take on the subject.