Venus in Cancer

Aphrodite Anadyomene in Pompeii

For the first time in my Venus articles I'm forced to find the lyrical evidence to back my text in only 2 songwriters (I ask: what gives?!). Furthermore they're both male and Gemini which could somehow cast a doubt about whether this feminine, emotional side of them will be perceptible in their lyrics. (as I've mentioned before men aren't always very conscious of their feminine {Venus} side and when that happens they tend to project this aspect of them onto women in their lives).

But let's get to business! Venus in Cancer has a very emotional, nurturing and devoted approach to love (Water signs, remember?). Emotion and feeling are frequently present in the lyrics: Lenny Kravitz sings: All I want you to do is feel with me. Many of his songs refer to a love revolution or "we got to let love rule". Noel Gallagher (main songwriter for Oasis) also mentions it: Let there be love and I feel love (...) now all my emotions fill the air I breathe (which is a very nice metaphor for someone with Gemini Sun, since this is the sign of breathing and lungs).
You can find lyrics that are very romantic (remember kissing in the moonlight? You are my life and my passion that never goes out of fashion, I want to know will you marry me? - Lenny Kravitz) but bear in mind that they have a great sense of self-protection and caution - Cancer is terrified of being hurt and rejected because they care about other people's opinions too much. The possibility of someone saying no to them equals complete humiliation and so, even though they're Cardinal signs, their approach to the things they want is not direct like, for instance, Aries. The crab is the main Cancer symbol and if you look at one walking towards something you'll notice they don't follow a direct line. Furthermore they rarely forget when they've been hurt by others. Lenny Kravitz sings: I've got to find a way to get past what I can't forgive.

This way, one of the most important factors in a relationship to Venus in Cancer is security. Cancer represents family and home and so these people will want to build something that can become their home, something secure and familiar where they can relax. Lenny Kravitz sings: I can't live my life alone without a home and also I'm just trying to get back home in any way, how I miss all the good times. In one of Oasis' earlier songs, Noel Gallagher wrote: What a life it would be if you would come to mine for tea, I'll pick you up at half past three and we'll have lasagne. Even if they're not very domestic people they'll want to grow roots because that's their biggest guarantee for a safe future. Gallagher explains: build something, build a better place and call it home, even if it means nothing you'll never ever feel that you're alone.
Being alone is, like for other Water signs, one of their biggest fears. Here's evidence provided by Noel Gallagher: we need each other, we believe in one another/ it's hard enough being alone, sitting here by the phone, waiting for my memories to come and play.

Family is one of their greatest treasures; perhaps why Lenny Kravitz's album Mamma Said is dedicated to his wife Lisa and most of the songs have a familar tone to it. He sings: we both are hurting and it's gonna take a little time to heal all the wounds and save our family. He also includes a song for his daughter called Flowers for ZoĆ«. In another album he sings: In this garden our children will grow, Darling this is a must, We’ll be so happy, our little family so full of love and trust.

It's important for the partner of someone with this Venus to demonstrate their affection often, so that the person feels more confident and reassured, as their insecurity will sometimes be their biggest enemy. But if you're with someone with Venus in Cancer, you probably have a hard time knowing what mood they'll be in every half an hour. Lenny Kravitz wrote: If you open your eyes you’d see that I’m wearing a frown - pouting and being mute may be their way to get attention from you. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this involves quick and fluid changes in their disposition. At the same time, their personality is quite conservative and will want to maintain the status quo at all costs (count on them to be extremely tenacious on their opinions).

If you imagine a crab grabbing something with their claws, you'll understand how they simply won't let go. Musical evidence is abundant. Lenny Kravitz has two songs that say it all: I'm gonna stand by my woman now and It ain't over 'til it's over. In his lyrics he insists: This love will never leave you, this love will never let you go. Never letting go also means being there to take care of you (But I would never lie, let things go by, leave you in road to die, I would never ever say goodbye) until the end of time: Darling when we're old, we'll close the gates and lock the door, our love will never fade away. Oasis have two songs that reflect this as well: stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be and don't go away, say that you'll stay forever and a day. You can guess that usually Venus in Cancer isn't the one to end relationships - even if they are comfortable with emotionality, they prefer to avoid confrontations.

Cancer also represents the Mother, so someone with Venus in Cancer will either look for someone to mother them or inversely adopt a motherly-role in their love relationships (taking care of someone is the easiest way for Cancer to show affection). Lyrics prove it: Good morning, Can I walk you to the train, Would you like to get a bagel on the way? (Kravitz) and you make sure I eat today (Gallagher). As other water signs, they need to feel needed. But it's very important that they direct their attention into other things besides their loved ones, or there might be the danger that they'll try to rebel against constant attention. So a creativity outlet is very important for Venus in Cancer, they need a project to express themselves.

Cancer is extremely imaginative (Gallagher: lived in a bubble ... not concerned about what life was sending ... fantasy was real) but they're also very concerned about the responsabilities and the real world so you can expect a partner that is fully commited but that can also dream (Whenever you call me, I'll be waiting, Whenever you need me, I'll be there {Kravitz}).

The most worrying tendency to be aware with Venus in Cancer is their tendency to manipulate others and this is also a Water characteristic. Being very sensitive to other people's feelings they easily pick up on other people's moods and work with them until they get what they want (I want you to know I'm emphatic about your love that's enigmatic). And if this isn't dubious enough, they might use this ability to prevent other people from leaving them or going against their wishes - they do that by playing the martyr, as we've seen on Water signs.

Venus in Cancer isn't prone to rationalisations and will never explain or analyse themselves (they simple can't, hence the famous Oasis lyric
there are many things that i would like to say to you but I don't know how or I can't find the words to say about the things caught in my mind). They are extremely secretive. In order to deal with this side of them, their partners must learn to read the non-verbal signs. When given the necessary emotional reassurance and feedback, Venus in Cancer can provide a very patient and loyal partner, an expert in understanding and taking care of others.

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