Venus in Water signs

This is a little post to introduce you to the mood of Water signs. And they are very moody! It's the currents you see, water currents they come and they go, nature is in constant mutation (cycles) and these are the three signs that are more in-tune with these instinctual currents.

If you look at the symbols of these signs you'll see the most primitive beings in the Zodiac - the crab, the scorpion and the fish - all cold-blooded creatures, very far from the rational human. So unlike the rational Air signs, that thrive on thoughts and ideas, Water signs are driven by feelings and instincts.

They have strong feelings about things which they can't really explain. They're the kind that may drive you insane saying they don't like something and when you ask why, they say: I don't know, I just don't like it. They may be less rational than other types and usually that isn't seen as a good thing. But why not?

First of all, they're not trying to impose their feelings on you, they realize feelings are entirely subjective but the ones they have are their reality. Secondly, it also means that they are extremely sensitive and imaginative and by being connected with more in-depth realities they have the ability to emphasize with other people's feelings much more easily.

Nevertheless, just like Air types have trouble with emotion, Water types have trouble with ideas and theories. They consider them useless because they're generalistic and unpersonal, they prefer to consider things that apply to them and to people around them. For this reason you might find them apparently careless when it comes to theories, politics, institutions...and they can be extremely unfair, introducing double-standards at every occasion and driving Air types mad. The fact is that they can't detach from their reality (feelings) and assume a broader perspective.

What really matters to them is the people around them, particularly the ones they care about. When it comes to these relationships they are extremely devoted and selfless. There are no signs that need human contact as much as Water signs, they live for their relationships, for their feelings for other people and may sometimes even live through their relationships.

Venus in Water signs needs to feel secure in their relationships and when they find that security they aren't likely to get bored. Why? Because they have a tremendous imagination and exploring the unknown is not their cup of tea.

In a relationship they'll shower you with attention which can be frightnening for more independent types but the truth is, if you want things to work with Water signs, you must let them believe that they are needed, otherwise all their devotion will seem unwanted and the person will sulk. Here comes the danger of possessiveness because the Water person may feel that since they're not needed, the relationship and that security might be at risk and this leads them to cling to their loved ones, sometimes resorting to emotional blackmail and playing the victim. They don't do it consciously but it's easy to see through their martyr-role.

If you're willing to show them your less independent side, you can expect a partner that is extremely intuitive and caring, someone who probably won't talk much about the relationship but will definitely convey their feelings towards you in very emotional ways. Someone who seems to know just want you need and just how you're feeling. So make the most of it and be pampered, but take some time to teach the Water person how to receive too.

*painting: Venus and Cupid by Alessandro Allori

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