Venus in Virgo (and music)

Venus Verticordia by Dante Gabriel Rossetti [it means the changer of hearts]

Here's another great contrast from the previous sign - Venus in Virgo has a discreetness that is the opposite of the dramatism we found on Venus in Leo. Taking this into account, I expected love lyrics to be less ostentatious and exaggerated.

Like the other Earth signs, Virgo is very focused on the objective things in life. In fact, this may be the most realistic sign of them all, so even in love, Venus in Virgo won't live in the clouds but on this very precise moment and place. Suzanne Vega (Sun in Cancer): She wants to cut through the circles that she has lived in before, She wants to finally kill the delusions, she won't need them anymore.
John Lennon's (Sun in Libra) lyrics are an interesting reflection of a disillusioned man (Old Hare Krishna ain't got nothing on you, just keep you crazy with nothing to do, keep you occupied with with pie in the sky, There ain't no guru who can see through your eyes, I found out! - you see the disdain he applies to dreaming). In his song God, he sings "the dream is over", he lists the things he doesn't believe in anymore and concludes saying: I just believe in me and that reality.

So with Venus in Virgo love is real, real is love (to quote John Lennon once again). There are many references to the realness of one's love. For instance, Gwen Stefani (Sun in Libra) sings: Our love is the real thing and This love is serious, You get me seriously out of my mind. Sting (Sun in Libra) adds: But if our love is pure, the only thing of which we're sure.

Perhaps for this reason (and also considering that Virgo is ruled by the planet of the mind, Mercury) love can be a mind-opening experience. Instead of being a blurry, hazy emotion (e.g. Venus in Pisces), it can be something crystal clear: John Lennon explains Love has opened my eyes, Love has blown right through, Wherever you are, you are here. That sounds very practical.

But before we go further, let's consider the fact that this isn't the type of Venus that needs to be in a relationship to breathe (e.g. Libra). Venus in Virgo is reserved, careful and will often prefer to be alone before they get into a relationship. This happens because they need to feel a sense of self-sufficiency, so instead of looking for their complementary parts in someone else, they find them within. This sense of independence is essential to them, even when they're in a relationship. Some examples: Can't see nobody, leave me alone (Lennon); Made up my mind not to love again, live my life a single man (Bryan Adams, Sun in Scorpio); Once I stood alone so proud, held myself above the crowd (Suzanne Vega).

Once their self-suffiency is secured, they'll carefully assess their potential partners (are they good enough?). If the answer is yes, they'll consider taking the innitiative but only if they're certain that they're appreciated back. Being very realistic, Venus in Virgo is very conscious of their flaws (and yours, for that matter) and this may lead them to be somewhat insecure. But when they're sure, they'll work on you with patience and discreetness.

You haven't noticed? Well, yes, perhaps they're not overtly flirting with you, but haven't you noticed how they listen to everything you say with interest? Weren't you delighted when they remembered a little detail about you that you mentioned a while ago? Weren't you happy when they considered to quit playing annoying computer games just to spend more time with you? Yeees, I thought so too. Bryan Adams sings: To really love a woman, to understand her, you gotta know her deep inside, hear her every thought, see every dream... Gwen Stefani adds: I think I know you inside out/ And we're together most days but I still love to have you around.

So make sure you notice and value these little things they do for you because that's all they need in return. If they feel valued by you, you'll have someone there who is willing to work on the relationship. Gwen Stefani portrays a devoted woman: I’d give you everything that I am, I’m handing over everything that I’ve got, 'Cause I wanna have a really true love. In another song for No Doubt, she wrote: So I pacify problems with kisses and cuddles, diligently doubtful through all kinds of trouble.

Venus in Virgo love style isn't the exuberant kind, it may be discreet and contained (Leonard Cohen, Sun in Virgo, mentions: For now I need your hidden love.) or come in the form of constant criticism and nagging (Gwen Stefani: I find myself trying to change you, If you were meant to be my lover I wouldn’t have to or I know I can't tame you but I just keep trying). Their criticism isn't meant to hurt your feelings but to help you become a better person (if there's one thing Virgo can't stand it's unfulfilled potential!)

Your wildness scares me, so does your freedom, You say you can’t stand the restrictions - sings Gwen Stefani. Bryan Adams adds: Had enough of your crazy ways, had enough of you leaving me for days.
It seems that Venus in Virgo feels uneasy next to wild characters, in fact they're usually not into them in the first place. They are more interested in the people that sometimes go unnoticed, there has to be some potential under there. But when they're with someone who seems to have a certain past, they can feel threatened by their partner's experiences. Gwen Stefani writes about being an ex-girlfriend for No Doubt: I kinda always knew I’d end up your ex-girlfriend, I hope I hold a special place with the rest of them, and you know it makes me sick to be on that list.

Being ruled by Mercury, the mental part of the relationship is very important for Venus in Virgo; it matters that the two partners are intellectually compatible. Leonard Cohen mentions: And you know that she will trust you, For you've touched her perfect body with your mind.

A note:

Venus represents the more feminine side of the individual. Even though men have a feminine side too, often they're not very aware of it, for various reasons (mainly of a societal nature). What happens when we're not conscious of certain parts of us is that we tend to project them unto other people. In this case, men project their Venus sign qualities into women, so we also interpret a man's Venus sign as the kind of women they attract/feel attracted to.

In the lyrics of these male songwriters I've found various descriptions of women who are very natural and somehow connected to the Earth (the collective image of the Virgin). For instance Sting sings: The spirit moves on the water, she takes the shape of this heavenly daughter, She's rising up like a river in flood, The word got made into flesh and blood / Leonard Cohen also has a few descriptions of women and nature, such as: And she's there where the light and the darkness divide, And the steam's coming off her, She's huge and she's shy, And she steps on the moon when she paws at the sky.

Interestingly enough, Suzanne Vega also portrays this kind of woman, similar to the goddess: My name is Calypso, My garden overflows, Thick and wild and hidden is the sweetness there that grows, My hair it blows long as I sing into the wind, My name is Calypso and I have lived alone, I live on an island.

Random notes:

[1] I may be influenced by the connection between Virgo and Health but I noticed that every single one of these songwriters refer to illness, doctors and perscriptions in their songs. Just to cite a couple of examples: Gwen Stefani (Call the doctor cause I am sick in love); Leonard Cohen (I showed my heart to the doctor: he said I just have to quit. Then he wrote himself a prescription, And your name was mentioned in it! ).

[2] Venus in Virgo lyrics are rich in detail, which isn't a surprise really. I found a lot of them in Suzanne Vega's songs: The beams and bridges cut the light on the ground into little triangles and the rails run round, through the rust and the heat, the light and sweet coffee color of her skin.