Venus in Taurus and Music

Venus in the mirror by Diego Velasquez

Remember the impulsive, idealistic, I-will-die-for-you Venus in Aries? Well, erase that from your mind now. Venus in Taurus likes to take its time and base everything in very solid, realistic ground. One step at the time, the Bull (Taurus) doesn't move all of its paws at once, does it? We're talking about a Fixed sign here, which brings more stability to their emotions, perhaps more strength and a bigger ability to preserve them. Simultaneously they're less likely to take the first step.

British singer Lemar is very indecisive about taking the initiative despite having an Aries Sun. But you can understand the Venus in Taurus in his lyrics: What if I told her how I feel? What if this is just a crush on a girl that I don't know? What if she's just a fantasy? Maybe she's not the one for me. ...What if it's something I regret? Well, you get the picture. In another song he explains: I've been trying to get my feelings clear but still he fails to be completely decided: Should I dare to cross that border?. He asks: When I decide, will you feel the same? - well, you have taken plenty of time already, I'm afraid. I hope your girl isn't impatient!

What this shows is that, instead of following their impulses on a whim or being engulfed by their emotions, they are much more controlled about it. Tracy Chapman (Sun in Aries also) explains: This time I won't let my emotions rule my life, this time I'm gonna keep my heart locked safe inside. This sounds like a once-bitten-twice-shy kind of Aries.

What happens is that they understand the responsibility and compromise a relationship demands so they'll think twice before taking that risk. Martha Wainwright sings: I have realized now that everything is a compromise and the grass is no greener on the other side [Do you see the realism very unlike the idealism of Fire signs?] I'm not saying they take all of their relationships seriously - they can have casual encounters like anyone else - but if they're sure about someone they'll usually be loyal. (Lemar: My house is your home, You can come and go as long as I know that you're faithful / The only thing you really gotta bring is true love, I give you my word, I'm a man you can trust)

They won't be very keen on pursuing someone; as Tracy Chapman puts it: I'm too old to be chasing you around, wasting my precious energy.
Once they're in a relationship though, they'll try to hold on to what they've got with all their strength, even if the situation isn't as comfortable as it once was. Loyal and faithful yes, stubborn too (try getting a bull to change direction!). The lyrics are full of these examples: Martha Wainwright (Sun in Taurus as well as Venus) explains: But I think that I'm stuck on you / When you are gone I'll cry, but until then I'll crack a smile, I'll stay dry for as long as I can; Alanis Morissette (Sun in Gemini)shares her experience with love: At that particular time love had challenged me to stay, (...) I knew not run away again, (...) love encouraged me to wait, at that particular moment it helped me to be patient. Tracy Chapman in a very famous refrain sings: Give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around. To end the round, Lemar sings: Trying to move on but I can't, No I can't imagine being someone else's man and also Girl I've tried and tried a million times to get you off my mind, It's not that easy.

With Venus in Taurus, practical and mundane issues are likely to have an important role in love relationships. They may also have a role in someone's choice of partner. Alanis Morissette, for instance, says: "These are 21 things that I want in a lover, not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer, I figure I can describe it since I have a choice in the matter" She can also describe the inverse process: Let's name 30 good reasons why we shouldn't be together. I started by saying things like 'you smoke' 'you live in new jersey' (too far). Perhaps this is the rationality of Gemini added to the practicality of Taurus. She adds (with the adequate dose of irony probably): You're such a pretty thing when you're done up properly, I might want to marry you one day if you watch that weight and keep your firm body.

So physical things are very important for Taurus, they are basic - feeling comfort and indulging, be it food or nice things or sex. They like being surrounded by beauty and things that are valuable and made to last (just like their relationships) and home is a frequent mention in the lyrics. Martha Wainwright puts it this way: I will go home tonight and rest my head on the sight of you for as long as I can. Lemar adds: But nothing's ever like your bed at home, especially when you're away from the one you love. In another song he sings: "Put on your red dress and this diamond necklace, Your love leaves me senseless" Obviously, being surrounded by beauty also includes their loved one, but usually they admire what is more natural and simple. Lemar forgets about the diamonds and says: Don't need you to be something that you're not and also Classy but simple, I don't need to fuss.

Taurus can be one of the most possessive-prone positions of Venus because the loved one may be seen as a valued "object" that they treasure. Lemar has a song were he asks (or demands): Be Faithful. Tracy Chapman also admits: Thought I'd make something that could be mine forever, found out the hard way one can't possess another. Alanis Morissette's hit You Oughta Know is a tale of possessiveness and holding grudges. In another song she adds: I want to be big and let go of this grudge that's grown old/ All this time I've not known how to rest this bygone. Taurus has a hard time forgiving what others have done to them.

The grounded nature of Taurus indicates that the five senses gain a greater emphasis on getting to know the world. Let's take a excerpt of Wainwright's lyrics again (even though this isn't exactly a love lyric): Turn the key & warm up the vehicle, Window's foggy & I'm in my little bubble, Some are red, some are yellow, Black & blue & different colours, Mine is green, It glides underneath me, Yeah, it rides so sweetly, I love driving in my car, In my car I can see outside, I have wiped off the mirrors & they shine like glimmering glass. Notice how almost all the senses play up here and how the World and its material beauty can bring some happiness to a Taurean heart. Since we're talking about Venus here, the five senses are extremely important also in experiencing love.

Having said that, love is a very physical experience for Venus in Taurus, he/she likes to feel it with all the available senses - it makes it real. Alanis couldn't say it better: I've had enough distractions, I need some tenderness, Human Touch I gotta know it's real, I'm tired of people sellin' their sex appeal, Human Touch I need human love. Tracy Chapman complains in a song: We should have been holding each other, instead we talked. Lemar insists: Let your body do the talking.

All in all, Venus feels right at home in Taurus, as she is the ruler of this sign. In fact Venus is, in her purest essence, a bit lazy and fond of comfort and indulgence - you only have to look at most of her representations where she's usually laying down and being attended by servants.

Even though Venus in Taurus is realistic and not prone to fairy-tale stories as Venus in Fire signs, it doesn't mean that they're not romantic. They can be quite partial to a good old romantic story, with all the conventional symbols involved, including a white bridal dress and a bunch of red roses. Those symbols are valued because they're considered to express their emotions in a concrete level. Martha Wainwright sings about this: But in my silly mind I've gotten married to you. Alanis Morissette also has a bit of a romantic dream: I'm lookin' for someone who can make me feel a serious love like Juliet's is real.

Probably the best thing about Venus in Taurus is how loyal, caring, patient and devoted they are. They might be going through hell but they won't abandon their loved ones. Tracy Chapman: You come home you've had a hard day, every door you tried to open was closing in your face, I'm right here I'll be right here, I'll embrace you. Lemar: Just remember I will always be here for you, whether rain or sunny weather, we can take our time.

[I will try to be briefer next time, making the most of Virgos ability to synthesize!]

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