Venus in Sagittarius in Music

Promenade by Marc Chagall

And, of course, I'm like a wild horse

This may be the perfect introduction to Venus in Sagittarius, the last fire sign, sang by Sagittarian Sun and Venus Sinead O'Connor. It can't be denied that Sagittarius is the wanderer of the Zodiac and, when Venus is in this sign, love relationships are also supposed to take the person to places he/she have never been before, expand the horizons, instead of constricting them.

Naturally this indicates that the person isn't as willing to commit to relationships as other Venus signs do. Whatever their romantic status they need to feel that all their options are still open and that they can run through the back door if they have to. Usually the person will prefer to wander, see the World and explore their fantasies because they're as idealistic as the other Fire signs.

Keeping their freedom and independence is essential and some may panic at the prospect of conventional marriage: I don't wanna be no man's woman, I've other work I want to get done, I haven't travelled this far to become no man's woman says Sinead O'Connor. She adds bluntly: Wasn't born for no marrying, Wanna make my own living singing, Strong independent pagan woman singing. Ok, you can't be any clearer than that! Beth Gibbons (from Portishead, with Sun in Capricorn) also goes for the independent label: You can't deny how I feel and you can't decide for me.

Venus in Sagittarius will always be honest in love (unless there's a greater emphasis on less-honest signs in chart) and won't enjoy pulling the wool over your eyes. Beth Gibbons explains: I crave nothing else so much, Longing to reveal, Total honesty. They don't like to keep things from their partner neither because their aim is to share their ideals, their passionate visions of life with them. To the Sagittarian Venus the true meaning of partnership is sharing experiences with one another, being together, doing things and going through the same array of emotions. Beth Gibbons (in a solo song) asks: How can I forget your tender smile, Moments that I have shared with you?

The smile is present in most of the Venus in Sagittarius songwriters I analysed. It appears even in the gloomy songs of Portishead: Oh but when you smile, how I feel so good. Venus in Sagittarius is attracted to people who are in love with life, just like them (Beth Gibbons says God knows how I adore life); they enjoy smiling and laughing a lot too. If the other partner is too inhibited and not willing to share the joys of life with them, they'll probably be put off and search elsewhere.

As I've mentioned, these people are extremely idealistic (Beth Gibbons: I wish we could all believe that in this daylight world Is a world where love can be) and can often turn into "fairytale mode" as the other Fire signs. Sinead O'Connor has an album called Sean-Nos Nua with lyrics that remind us of our old Courtly Love: I spied a pretty fair maid she appeared like a queen, With her costly fine robes and her mantle so green.

In their dreamy expeditions they're trying to find Love, love with a capital L, something close to perfection, a fiery emotion, a complete spiritual and emotional union with someone else. Something like what Sinead O'Connor describes: I got a lovin' man but he's a spirit, he never does me harm, never treats me bad. He'd never takes away all the love he has and I'm forgiven oh a million times.
You might ask: why? Do they really think a relationship can fulfill all their ideals? Yes, they do. Paul Simon (Sun in Libra) explains: The though that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains like a train in the distance.

What can you do with someone that hopes something better will always be expecting them around the corner? Be patient and refrain from telling them to grow up (that's the biggest turn-off Venus in Sagittarius can get). You'll have to let them go and chase their arrows. Inevitably this idealistic path will lead to disappointment. Beth Gibbons aided by the more cynic Sun in Capricorn really knows how to express her downfalls from the dream: When I have tried to amuse myself, to celebrate the fun fair, The pleasures I seek are far too discrete for me. In her Portishead lyrics the disillusion comes up as well: From that cloud number 9, danger starts the sharp incline, And such sad regrets, oh as those starry skies as they swiftly fall. and also Dreams and belief have gone; time, life itself goes on.

After a few bumps in the road, Venus in Sagittarius will probably realize that the stability that they ran away from is also what they secretly desire (as it's often the case) and commitment may not be so bad after all. There is hope if you want to catch them. Paul Simon tells how: And I was in crazy motion till you calmed me down. It took a little time, but you calmed me down.

Venus in Sagittarius can be happy in a relationship if he/she's given enough space to grow and do some "travelling" in some occasions and if they can learn and experience different things in their partnership. From time to time they'll need to stretch those legs and they might be a little rude if you ask them where they're going. Sagittarius can be a little too raw sometimes but it's never their intention to hurt you; Sinead O'Connor apologizes often: And I never meant to hurt you, I swear I didn't mean those things I said, I never meant to do that to you; Just sounds more vicious than I actually mean, I really am soft, yes, I'm tender and sweet.

(Sinead O'Connor's music is quite the reflection of Venus in Sagittarius: she likes to mix different musical backgrounds, different languages, folk music, religious themes vs. paganism and love).


neith said...

This is another great post on Venus and music. Since i have Libra Sun/Sagittarius Venus, I have to say i have always loved Paul Simon's music and lyrics. Plus i like folk music in a minor key from all over the world. Andean pan pipes are a favorite and listening to them i feel like I'm traveling to another realm.

Thanks for all your hard work doing these!! :-D

Courtney K said...

Wow, I had no idea Beth Gibbons was Venus in Sag - you left out one of Portishead's most overtly Sagittarian lyrics, "I'm so tired of playing, playing with this bow & arrow..." - Glory Box

astro skies said...

Neith - Paul Simon is your Astro-brother then :)

Courtney - That's true. I think I left that out because she mentions being tired of it; it seems like another sign of her disillusionment. But it's a great Sagittarian image!