Venus in Gemini (in music)

Equestrienne, Marc Chagall (1931)

Gemini is probably the most lighthearted sign Venus can ever choose to be in. It is the sign of youth - Courtney Love (Sun in Cancer) sings for her band Hole: I feel the horses coming galloping, I will never grow old and also I'm too young to be so old. Having the love planet, Venus, in this sign indicates a person who is jovial in love, who seeks variety, excitement and fun. No wonder I found lyrics that brought me colourful, bright, fresh atmospheres. The sky and the sea are mentioned often; dancing and having fun are a constant too. Courtney Love again sings: While this beating heart is still a Valentine, I'm gonna ride this thing until the wheels fall off cause girls like me we always get what we want. So let's go!

Wham (with lyrics written by George Michael - Sun in Cancer) are often a synonym of party music. For example, the classic Club Tropicana: the drinks are free, fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone. The examples are numerous: All I'm trying to give you is a good time, honey, why do ya have to keep on playing games with my head? As a solo artist, George Michael kept his tune: My friends got their ladies, they're all having babies, I just wanna have some fun. The bright lights are present in Kylie Minogue's (Sun in Gemini) lyrics as well: You show me all the colours when I'm feeling blue, you're the brightest shining lights on Broadway, pink in evening sunsets every day. Love is equated with fun: Come join the loveboat, we're anchored offshore, martinis and bikinis, oh l'amour. Mick Hucknall (lead singer and songwriter for Simply Red - Sun in Gemini) doesn't forget the fun side: I've been out loving all night long, I can't help it, that love it makes me strong. He advises: So enjoy and live, because it's only love doing its thing baby. Once again love is happy: we have a way that seems to brighten up the day.

Gemini is extremely curious and interested in people and all sorts of other things, probably why Liz Greene describes Gemini as a butterfly. As we know, butterflies never stop in a place for very long and the way they move is completely unexpected. This also makes it harder to really understand the person: if the butterfly doesn't stop moving, you don't get to see the wings perfectly. It's no wonder that Kylie Minogue wrote a song called Butterfly. Mick Hucknall has another interesting way of expressing this constant movement: Being one of those grains of sand, I get blown all around the world.

You'll get all the time I can give, as long as you respect my freedom to live; he advises: walk around, be free and roam. Wham lyrics also mention it: Wise guys realize there's danger in emotional ties; see me, single and free, no tears, no fears, what I want to be. It can't be any clearer than that. As a solo artist, George Michael adds: Don't put your love in chains baby. This doesn't mean that these people aren't interested in love, no. Mick Hucknall seems to know the score: I got a need to be free, yet I know that I need someone and I'm calling out to you. Others put it in a more poetic way: I think it's amazing the way that love can set you free (George Michael) and Your love gives me wings (Kylie Minogue).

Venus in Gemini is not one to enjoy sitting by the fire holding hands with their "muse". They need excitement and something that seems comfortable to them means boredom and they despise that. Courtney Love sings: I'm will wait for you and when you bore me I'll be gone. Mick Hucknall explains: You're so beautiful but oh so boring, I'm wondering what am I doing here. Kylie adds: Don't blame me just because I am bored, I'm needy, I need to taste it all. And boring in this case means lack of communication.

Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini seeks communication in all aspects of life and in love relationships especially, in the case of the Geminian Venus. First of all, they are attracted to people who are communicative, secondly they use their exceptional chatty talent to win them over and thirdly they expect their relationships to be a constant trade of interesting things to say. For a person with Venus in Gemini to fall in love it's essential that the brain is stimulated. As Kylie Minogue puts it: Slow down, move to the rhythm that is in my mind. The lack of communication can lead to bitterness, Mick Hucknall sings: So many words are left unspoken, the silent voices are driving me crazy and Kylie Minogue identifies the problem as well: Desperately seeking someone willing to travel, you're lost in conversation and useless at Scrabble.

As we've seen for the Air signs in general, they are not very at ease with the emotional side of things. Kylie Minogue asks: How do you describe a feeling? Mick Hucknall also seems unable to talk about emotion: Can't explain how you make me feel, looking down is mighty real. Courtney Love describes what could be the predominance of mind over heart in Venus in Gemini: I know, I can't feel it, well I know it enough to believe it.

For Gemini being unable to see the logic of emotions leads them to avoid intensity and sometimes even fear the emotionality. George Michael sings: I'm so scared of this love and also Need a lover but love's such a dangerous place to be. Mick Hucknall explains his inadequacy: I don't know how hard it'll be when I suffer, Affection is a start for me, I hope it's gonna move on. Kylie Minogue also doesn't know how to handle it: You're asking yourself, what's real? What to do with these feelings that you have inside surreal?

Sometimes when they don't know what to do, they'll simply try to keep the emotions under control, far from the eye of their observers: Mick Hucknall sings Ooh I remember those old love letters, plagued with memories, I can't forget us, trying to fight it, trying to hide it. But other times hiding it doesn't work, for Kylie: See through me when I put up a fight, like you to see the things I hide. Go deeper than I won't let you know, I'm frightened but I won't let it show. Often this leads to more trouble: I play it cool, so cool that no-one ever understands me (Mick Hucknall). For this reason Venus in Gemini can be seen by some as superficial and cold. They are willing to talk about their relationship with you, but you might get frustrated as soon as you realize they won't go into the deeper issues.

From these examples, you've probably gathered that Venus in Gemini isn't the most willing to settle of the love signs. The trouble is that their interests change often (Courtney Love sings: Our love is quicksand, so easy to drown) and some of their relationships may not last very long (Kylie Minogue explains her logic: It mightn't last more than a day but I'll take my chances anyway, 'cause my heart is saying it's for real). Gemini is a mutable sign. Often they feel confused by what seem opposite realities inside themselves. As you probably know, the twins represent Gemini and they often feel like they're two different people and don't know whether to follow one or the other (feelings vs. reason, masculine vs. feminine). Courtney Love wrote a song called Good Sister/Bad Sister (duality). Sometimes it's hard to distinguish right from wrong as they try to keep impartial. Mick Hucknall wrote: We are so many people, living different lives under turbulent times, Oh man, we don't know good from evil. Kylie sings also: Clever girl, think you're right but what's right from wrong? Clever girl, think you are but you think too much. Yes, thinking seems to be a problem too: I've got to think twice before I give my heart away (George Michael); I'm thinking, thinking about it all, I'm sorting everything inside + Don't let anyone tell you what you think you must think (Kylie Minogue).

So Mick Hucknall reaches this great conclusion: Ideals are fine for beauty but for love they fool relationships. Ha! The sooner Venus in Gemini realizes this: that love can't be logically analysed and systematised and that feelings need to be acknowledged and dealt with, the happier they will become.


Venus in Air signs

After writing about Venus in Capricorn, I concluded the first half of the Zodiac signs (Fire and Earth) and move on now to Venus in Air signs, which at first glimpse looks like the biggest challenge for my "Venus as the Muse" study.

The Air element is more concerned with the World of Ideas and has an inner need to rationalise and objectively explain everything that surrounds them. They are able to detach and look at personal situations from a perspective other than their own, which is very useful for dealing with let-downs and unforseen circumstances, no doubt. They are positive and optimistic as long as they understand the logic of what surrounds them.

Well, as we know, Love may be a lot of things but logical is not often one of them and, on this investigation, I'm focusing mainly on love, relationships and love songs, the venusian aspects. Love and other emotions defy all kinds of systems and patterns; it is unpredictable, uncontrollable and unexplainable.

This is obviously terrifying for people that need logic and so Air signs tend to repress emotions that they can't deal with. They'll simple ignore them (unconsciously) and lack the awareness of the emotional activity that goes on deep inside of them so they'll have trouble talking about their feelings. They will talk about anything else though. Communication is absolutely essential to them and the base for any relationship they're in. They need the constant flow and exchange of ideas, sharing their thoughts with other people and hearing yours. They'll be very curious about you. In fact if you meet them at a party, you might be smitten, as they are the most charming, graceful and chatty party-goers. They'll make you laugh, ask you lots of questions and tell you about their latest crazy ideas.

Later if your relationship with an Air person becomes a little more serious, you will have trouble getting them to talk about their feelings. They feel like they don't need to because they're so unaware of that dimension. Imagine a little kid, innocent, the purest of intentions, trusting you 100% because they're profoundly idealistic. Deep down, Air types (like children) are extremely sensitive and vulnerable, but they're not able to deal with their emotional issues on a conscious level. So they might sulk when something's wrong or shut you out. And you can't force them to discuss their emotions (you can't do that with little children, can you?)

You just have to let them be, give them space and independence. Above all they look for someone to talk to, spend time with and have lots of light-hearted fun. If things get too heavy, they may be tempted to run away. They want a fun and communicative companion.

So the question for me is: is this emotional repression reflected in a lack of overtly romantic love songs? Or does the Air love for communication mean even a more frequent use of songs to express emotion? I'll have to go and see.


Venus in Capricorn (in Music)

Venus with a Mirror by Tiziano (Titian)

Makes you feel like you've been blessed
Promises things so special
Seems to come right from a song
Soon as you begin to feel secure
Turn around and he is gone
(Alicia Keys seems to describe Venus in Capricorn)

Capricorn is the sign of principles and having Venus in Capricorn indicates that love and romance are taken seriously, with responsibility. Unless you find them in the experimental-phase of their lives (before they find out what their principles are), a flirt is not on the cards.

Capricorn is known for being very goal-oriented. They like to take control of their lives and follow their ambitions, but surely love relationships can't be handled the same way they handle their business deals. And this is where the trouble begins for Venus in Capricorn. They can't tolerate lack of control over things and love relationships involve lots of uncontrolable emotions, which make them a difficult and important challenge for these people. Alicia Keys (Aquarius Sun) on love: It will forsake you, threaten to break you, take what you got. Because what is the opposite of control (Capricorn)? Vulnerability (the opposite sign - Cancer) and Capricorn will try to avoid that at all costs, as they need to show competence and self-control at all times. Feist (Aquarius Sun) tries to avoid the emotionality but fails: Closing of the stream, in hope we both stay dry, but feeling makes it through within the rush of you. She adds: The tragedy starts from the very first spark, losing your mind for the sake of your heart. She makes it really clear: Heart on my sleeve, not where it should be.

So if you're considering an involvement with someone with a Capricorn Venus, you'll find someone cautious (Alicia Keys: Before we go too far across the line, gotta really make sure that I'm sure), that keeps it cool, trying to disguise their panic at the lack of control by appearing competent, as if to say 'I'm good at this too'. Bjork (Sun in Scorpio) sings: Nobody gets the better of me. They don't want to be (seen as) dependent on someone else so, similarly to what we've seen in Virgo, self-sufficiency will be a state they'll work hard to achieve (Bjork sings: You're alright, there's nothing wrong, self-sufficience please and get to work! and also It's tricky when you feel someone has done something on your behalf). Their individual strength and independence is essential to their sense of self-worth and it's common that they have periods of celibacy. There are several mentions to this state in songs: for instance, Feist has songs named "The Onliest" and "Lonely, lonely", Bjork sings: As much as I definitely enjoy solitude, I wouldn't mind perhaps spending little time with you. Robbie Williams (Sun in Aquarius) explains: Round and round in circles, live a life of solitude, 'till we find ourselves a partner, someone to relate to, Then we slow down, before we fall down.

So eventually they will find a partner! This is no fear of commitment; in fact, Capricorn is willing to commit because their values speak higher than anything else. They want someone to share their lives with very much. They believe in family, duty and constancy. Feist sings: It's cool to love your family, I know because I love them more and more. This is one of the Venus positions more likely to rank other values above love when considering an union: stability, sharing life-goals, building a family structure. It's not that they don't marry for love. But usually they don't count only on love to build a successful partnership.

Sometimes the partner they seek will come later in life or in the form of an older partner, as Venus in Capricorn emphasizes the role of experience and time in love and relationships. Sometimes it's the simple fact that time helps the person to deal more effectively with their insecurities, making the relationships more fulfilling. Alicia Keys describes it this way: It took me maybe two years and sh*t, but I'm feeling prepared (...)And I'm feeling a little more ready for the world and less lost, as I once was. Feist says in a realistic fashion: It may be years until the day my dreams will match up with my pay. Bjork recognizes the importance of time: One day you will blossom, One day when you're ready. Alicia Keys again highlights the experience: Yes, I was burned but I called it a lesson learned.

Venus in Capricorn may also have relationships that stand the test of time because the person is extremely persistent and not willing to let go of relationships that easily. Sometimes this "glue" means that troubled relationships can be worked on. Alicia Keys explains: Sometimes it's gonna feel like it'll never be right but something so strong keeps you holding on. Other times it means that it's very hard to let go of past relationships, as described in various lyrics from my research. Alicia Keys, for instance, sings: But how do I let go when I've loved him for so long and I've given him all that I could?/ It's so hard to just let go, when this is the one and only love I've ever known. Feist asks: Be mine through time. Robbie Williams doesn't want to forget: It's not always true that time heals all wounds, There are wounds that you don't wanna heal, The memories of something really good, something truly real, that you never found again. Venus in Capricorn never forgets and memories are also a constant presence in the lyrics.

Being an Earth sign, Venus in Capricorn promises a good lover. This is not the romantic kind of partner (they don't trust their romantic impulses and keep their fantasies to themselves), nor the spontaneous. Bjork explains sweetly: You know that I adore you, you know that I love you. So don't make me say it, it would burst the bubble, break the charm. Robbie Williams also contributes: I won't sing of amore, It don't sound sincere, Love is a cliché but it fits not here. So it's a solemn, sober atitude towards relationships. They won't risk public declarations of love. Bjork sings: There lies my passion, hidden; There lies my love, I'll hide it under a blanket, I'll keep it in a hidden place. No matter how much intimacy you've reached, there's always a little secret place inside themselves that they won't share with you. It's their safety-net, where they keep their dreams and their fantasies. Alicia Keys sings: Because no one knows me underneath these clothes.

Capricorn represents the archetypal image of the Father and particularly in their earlier love relationships, a pattern of a father-child relationship may be adopted: the person either seeks a parental figure or plays the fatherly role. Generally, the Venus in Capricorn person seeks relationships where they can give or receive protection and care. Bjork sings: Comfort and protection, I'll watch over you. Feist adds: Take me in your care. But even if they are the protected part, they still need to take control over the relationship and know exactly where it's going (Bjork sings: Don't ask me what's gonna happen next, I know the future, I'd love to lead you the way, just to make it easier on you). They are solid, stable partners that want to impress you with all their competence and in return they expect you to appreciate them, as noted by Alicia Keys in her song A Woman's Worth (Wanna please, wanna keep, wanna treat your woman right; Not just dough but to show that you know she is worth your time).

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and this is planet indicates where we need to confront our deepest fears and gain experience (to put it kindergarden-simple). Having Venus in Capricorn suggests that Venus-related things like LOVE are extremely valued but also incredibly feared because they expose our most primal fears of failure and inadequacy. It's no wonder that many lyrics mention this fear. Bjork (The thrill of fear, Now greatly enjoyed with courage); Feist (You are everything I've always feared); Alicia Keys (When you took hold, I was sold, using fear to control, now it unfolds ). Justin Timberlake (Sun in Aquarius) (Fear has got me second guessing). Not finding love leaves them broken-hearted: You analyze everyone you meet but get no sign, Love ain't kind, Every night you admit defeat and cry yourself blind (Robbie Williams). The insecurities are evident: I constantly fight my insecurities when I can't reach you by phone, sings Justin again. He also asks: Am I worthy of? Am I man enough? Am I strong enough to maintain this love? You’ve got me questioning.

So Venus in Capricorn will be confronted with these basic feelings of insecurity that, as mentioned above, can be resolved in time, using the Capricornian tools of persistance and effort. Love needs to be worked on, almost like a job.