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Know thyself - more than a thousand years after these words were encrypted into Delphos' temple in Ancient Greece, the expression makes more sense than ever.

The world we live in is in constant change and social and economic upheaval, asking us to adapt to these developments, to accommodate to what is considered normal and to step up to the next level of competence, ability and brilliance.

We want to be prepared for these demands and to fulfill our whole potential. We want to deal more easily with our insecurities and weak spots and we want to make the most of our qualities. We also want to know why certain things happen to us, why we react in a particular way, how we can start acting differently...

Astrology is one of the ways we can do this because it allows us to get to know our inner nature. It can warn us of some of the unbalances within ourselves and the way we can deal with them more constructively. Astrology provides us with a new perspective over the challenges and crises we're faced with and it gives us an original way of looking at our lives.

In my study of Psychology and Counselling, the links between these disciplines and Astrology were evident, which made me think of how much they could both benefit if they weren't abruptly separated by the scientific authorities that reject the use of Astrology.

So I decided that if I brought these two systems together and possibly came up with something more complete and holistic, I could probably help more people. Psychological Astrology is an area that some of the greatest astrologers such as Liz Greene and Stephen Arroyo work on. This is my take on the subject.


Venus in music - conclusions

Venus by Pietro Vannucci

Now that all the 12 signs have been looked at through the light of Venus and music lyrics, it's time to wrap it up with a few conclusions.

The aim of this study was to verify the influence of the songwriters' Venus signs in their musical lyrics. I wanted to know if the way they love (Venus) was translated in what they wrote about love. But as I wrote the articles, my goal was more and more about explaining each Venus sign while using the lyrics to illustrate it. The verification part became secondary, particularly because to my surprise, the correspondence between lyrics and astrology wasn't that hard to find, resulting in my having to eliminate large amounts of selected lyrics because including them all was impossible.

So this is the final distributions to the Venus signs of all the 76 songwriters put under my microscope (the list suffered minor adjustments, when I realized some artists didn't compose the majority of their lyrics and had to be replaced with others):

Aries 10
Taurus 8
Gemini 4
Cancer 2
Leo 6
Virgo 8
Libra 5
Scorpio 10
Sagittarius 5
Capricorn 6
Aquarius 6
Pisces 6

As mentioned in the first post, Earth (22) and Fire (21) signs take the lead, while Air (15) is the least represented group. Water have only 18. Cardinal and Mutable signs are equally represented with 23 songwriters each, while Fixed signs are predominant (30). Both these incidences have been addressed in the inaugural post.

But what got my greatest attention on this revision were the aspects Venus formed with other planets (meaning the degrees by which Venus is separated from the other planets in the chart*). This was also something I had hinted at in the beginning but this time I took a closer look. I made some statistics and found that 86% of the songwriters' Venus had at least one aspect with the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and in 96% of the cases Venus had at least one aspect to social or outer planets (that adds Jupiter and Saturn, the social planets). That means that only 3 of the songwriters had Venus without any kind of aspect to social and outer planets. So, for starters, if someone asked me about one of the things that define a successful songwriter I would have to say: take a look at that Venus and see if it's in aspect to the social or/and outer planets.

Why is this of any relevance? As I've mentioned previously, the outer planets are that trio far-away that move really slowly and isolatedly reflect not something personal in someone's chart but the frame of mind, the currents of a particular generation. And when a planet as personal as Venus has a lot of connections with these transpersonal planets then the way they love and express this love will be affected by these currents. If we interpret Venus as Art, it's easy to understand that these artists' creations will reflect their generation, be in-tune with the great trends of their time. It isn't thus surprising that their music is popular (in the sense of sucess and recognition by others).

The outer planets also symbolise a collective awareness, the need for a collective preoccupation in the way they live and so this Venus will gain an extra layer of complexity, many times making their love life more challenging, since none of these aspects are purely easy. Perhaps it is also the case that when one's love life is challenging it becomes an extra reason to think, talk, complain, be creative about it. Music, writing, Art in general are often ways to be creative about these issues, which I'm certain happens to a lot of these songwriters.

As for the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, they make the transition from the personal to the transpersonal, reflecting the integration of a person's motivations and needs into what society presents to them. This also makes for a Venus that is more aware of the conditions surrounding them.

One staggering 45% of the songwriters had Venus in a major aspect to Saturn (while 54% had a minor or major aspect to Saturn). Saturn adds a big dose of reality to love; it means a committed and responsible love but also that relationships involve hard work, struggle, insecurities. Could this lead people to write songs? Possibly. From another perspective, as mentioned in the first post, it allows the Art and the Love (Venus) to gain a structure, a format and it makes people committed (Saturn) to their Art. In another words, people with Venus-Saturn aspects take love and art very seriously.

Venus in aspect to Jupiter, on the other hand, will be more open to adventures in love because love is seen as an opportunity to grow and develop. This optimism may lead the person to excess in the name of love (love is the ultimate truth in this case) and songs about love, no doubt. 49% of the songwriters had Venus in aspect to Jupiter, but only 37% had a major aspect.

Going back to the outer planets, Venus-Uranus contacts will imprint a very particular aspect to one's love: love as an expression of freedom and individuality, love for the unconventional and the varieties of life. Could this mean these people's music will be unconventional too? 40% of the analysed Venus had a major aspect to Uranus (45% all aspects).

With Venus in aspect to Neptune, love is all-accepting and encompassing, it's a Universal love and an ideal love. It's a love full of illusions and disillusions. Furthermore, Neptune represents music and an aspect between these two more artistic icons can only be beneficial in creativity and poeticness. Not surprising then that 61% of the subjects had Venus in a minor or major aspect to Neptune (42% of them had a major aspect).

That leads us to Venus-Pluto connection which define love as a life-transforming reality and the contact with deep, intense emotions as part of the process of relationships. It is also no wonder that these emotions need to find an outlet and with the Venus in the equation, Art might be it. The percentages of artists with this kind of aspect are identical to the Saturn percentages (43% major aspects and 54% all aspects), assuming an important place in all the Venus aspects.

I'll leave you with a few good examples of the correlation between Venus and Outer-planet aspects and successful songwriting: Bob Marley had Venus in Aries with the following aspects - square Saturn, opposition Neptune and Jupiter, trine Pluto and sextile Uranus. Kurt Cobain had Venus in Pisces, conjunct Saturn, opposite Uranus and Pluto, trine Jupiter and Neptune. (As you can see, both of them have Venus aspecting all the social and outer planets and I think it's safe to say that they marked generations with their music.)

Paul Simon with Venus opposite Uranus and Saturn, trine Pluto and sextil Neptune. Stevie Wonder has Venus in Aries, opposite Neptune, square Uranus and trine Pluto. Jeff Buckley had Venus in Scorpio (Pluto), conjunct Neptune, trine Jupiter and Saturn and sextile Uranus. Bjork has Venus trine Pluto and Uranus and sextile Neptune and Saturn. The list goes on...

Anything else you'd like to add?


*these degrees have specific interpretations in Astrology, for instance a 90 degree angle of separation between planets forms a square (a harsh aspect) while a 120 degree of separation forms a trine (harmonious aspect). Aspects can be divided between major and minor aspects, the former being interpreted as having more strength in the chart and include: conjuction, sextile, square, trine, opposition (I also included inconjunct in this category).

Venus in Pisces (and music)

Marc Chagall - La Baie des Anges

Pisces being the last sign of the Zodiac closes the cycle by incorporating a little bit of all the other signs into one. If this didn't make it difficult enough to explain, it comes with the extra bonus of being ruled by foggy Neptune, the planet famous for undefinition, fantasy and mystique. In this sign, Venus assumes a chamaleonic profile, being able to mirror and assume any character because they will identify with everyone and in that sense be a lot of people at the same time. Lyrical evidence is available: Paula Cole (who is an Aries) sings: I know who can love my many selves, the wife, the bitch, the rapunzel...Chan Marshall (Cat Power) (Aquarius Sun) sings: he was someone I could learn from, someone I could become. Kurt Cobain (Sun in Pisces) sang: I'm not like them, but I can pretend. Confusing is the term. It's as difficult to define as it is to control (just try to grab a live fish and you'll see how they slip through your hands!).

Naturally this identification with all of mankind has a lot to do with their extreme sensitivity and empathy to other people's feelings. With Venus in this sign, the person will undoubtedly be sensitive not only to their partner but to everyone else as well, which can lead to suffering as they so easily slip into other people's shoes and feel their pain. Paula Cole sings: Believe me, I know the feeling. Been around the world, in many situations, been inside many heads in different positions (Cat Power). Pisces dissolves into the World: I am not unique, we are all leaves on this great big tree, this tree that is life, that is God, that is you, that is me. As Kurt Cobain sang: All in all is all we all are.

In the same way Neptune is able to dissolve all frontiers, Venus in Pisces is able to love without boundaries, meaning that they can love everything and everyone. Jealous partners beware! Pisces are interested in whatever the rest of the Zodiac doesn't pay attention to and, in love, this often means falling for the underdog, the underprivileged or the misfit. They find the concepts of saving and healing romantic and often their emotional liasons involve taking care of someone in need or being taken care of. Norah Jones (Sun in Aries) sings: I cry if you hurt, I'd give you my last shirt because I love you so. She also admits: I love you when you're blue. Kurt Cobain wrote: I'll kiss your open sores. The inequality between partners doesn't frighten them off and they'll be happy providing for the other person or the opposite. Paula Cole has a bunch of lyrics on this topic: I am the one you will call when alone and I am the one who will give when she's gone and so I give / I feel so lonely for hope and company, I don't take much and I give everything for free.

The use of the word sacrifice is very common in describing in certain relationships where one partner gives up on their personal aspirations to serve the other, seemingly not minding the sacrifices they have to make.(You can use me if you want to, I know you need me just like an old soft shoe). The truth is Pisces' real aspirations are connected to a transcendant world, not the material. Cat Power sings of this other world: we won't have a thing so we've got nothing to lose, we can all be free, maybe not with words...but with your mind. Paula Cole wrote: I won't find happiness looking outside myself/ looking within I can see beyond my sight, the cities, the sky, the planets roll by.
So even if it may seem that they are being taken advantage of, they are more concerned about their dreams than what happens in front of their eyes (but you can't kill my spirit, it's soaring and it's strong). In fact you may notice that they are often seemingly "in another World". Damon Albarn (songwriter for Blur)(Sun in Aries) sings: sorry but I'm not really listening, I've got my mind on something. He adds: the whole world could have passed through me but I don't know that it means much to me.

On the other hand, there are some benefits in being the victim. It may seem silly but victims do have power above their aggressors, by making them feel bad and sometimes Pisces secretly wants that power. I lost count of the times Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ) (Sun in Pisces) mentions victims in his lyrics for Bon Jovi, people are often victims of love: You're the victim, it's in your eyes, I'm the suspect and love's the crime / you gave it all, then you gave more...you'll pay the cost like it's your cross to bear. And they don't complain (throw me in the fire and I won't throw a fit).

In love, as in other areas of life, they are extremely ambivalent and unprecise, leading to greater difficulty in the expression of their multiple emotions - how can they explain themselves if they feel that something is both good and bad, or that in between two options both of them are equally valid? After all, it was a Pisces man that told us everything was relative (Einstein)! Cat Power sings: I don't know what is worse and I can't tell you what is the best. JBJ's expression: Damned if you don't need me, damned if you do. He also sings wisely: Only fools are know-it-alls. Kurt Cobain asked: What is wrong with me? What is what I need? What do you think I think? Damon Albarn confesses: I'm not sure what to say. This may be quite a despairing situation for their loved ones but what if Pisces secretly enjoys being misunderstood? It is now time to make it unclear.../Sometimes I can't find my way (Cobain). Cat Power asks: Do you happen to know where I am from? I'm lost in this. Norah Jones confesses: I'm too foggy today/ I wonder who I am without the warm touch of your hand.

We are talking about a spiritual love, perhaps in its purest form. Venus in Pisces can be literally interpreted as love as religion, as a way of transcending, hence why Paula Cole sings: I believe in love to be the way to find our inner light. JBJ has plenty of songs mentioning belief, as if love is source of hope: If you don't love me - lie to me 'cause baby you're the one thing I believe / In a world that gives you nothing, we need something to believe in. In his hit Keep the Faith he concedes: It's hard to be strong when there's no one to dream on.

We are also talking about a lot of Neptunian idealisation, where the Venus person projects their ideal romantic qualities in their loved ones in a way that can be described as blind (JBJ sings: Blind love is true). Sometimes it's hard for this idealisation to survive the harsh aspects of reality leading to strong disillusionment. That's the biggest danger for Pisces who can become extremely disencouraged by the shattering of their illusions. Lyrical evidence is abbundant here: Cat Power and her famous: Once I wanted to be the greatest, no wind of waterfall could stall me, and then came the rush of the flood, stars of night turned deep to dust. Paula Cole is sad too: I didn't know life was this hard, Oh momma, my innocence has been torn. JBJ concurs: It was all so simple when you were to be queen and I'd be your king, I guess those dreams got lost. In another song: I had a taste, you were my fantasy but I lost my faith when I hit reality. Damon Albarn asks: Please don't bring me down. Paula Cole is the voice of lost dreams: Where is my John Wayne, where is my prairie song, where is my happy ending, where have all the cowboys gone?

When faced with disappointment, Pisces turns to escapism either by fantasising, daydreaming or something of more serious consequences like alcohol and drug use. This happens because: I can't face the truth (JBJ) or the Damon Albarn explanation: you're taking the fun out of everything, you're making it clear when I don't wanna think. Hence the frequent references to alcohol: Wine, for me it helps me to forget that we're just born to die / I tried to drown myself in pity but the whisky kept calling your name (JBJ). Unlike Scorpios, Pisces do not seek control, on the contrary: Oh I love, love to lose control. And they tend to do everything in excess, not knowing how to discriminate (no boundaries, remember?).

But love itself can be seen as a form of escapism with Venus in Pisces. Paula Cole sings: I wanna be drunk, I wanna be high on you. Norah Jones asks: Can I fly right behind you and can you take me away? JBJ: Give me something for the pain (...) to get me through the night, something like you. Damon Albarn's version: I'm leaving town to run away, run into your twisted arms. Also from Blur but a song written by Piscean Graham Coxon: Take me away from this big bad world and agree to marry me. In another Blur song the question: where's the love song to set us free? In a way, with Pisces in the scene, love can also be about healing: Lord I need to find someone who can heal my mind.

Unless they pursue a spiritual goal, being alone is not ideal. They crave being in love, even if with a cause or with God. Venus in Pisces has some trouble trusting the other person at the beginning (as other Water signs) but when they do, they're capable of complete devotion, care and tenderness (tender is the touch of someone that you love too much), sometimes to the point of emocional dependence. It seems that this being the sign of mirrors, having the "other half" is very important: It don't matter how strong I think I am, I always need another heart...to help me see myself.

This isn't the most regular of partners, certainly not the kind that makes plans for the future, but if you're able to make the most of their flow of emotion, not expecting them to commit to you for life, you can expect happy times (if you let me live my life, i'll stay with you to the end). Venus in Pisces makes their own moral conduct rules in love and, as they're open to all possibilities in life and have trouble saying a straight no, fidelity is not their strongpoint (I deceived cause I'm not that strong). They can easily feel attracted to just about anyone (JBJ sings: seems that there's more pretty women than there are fish in the sea), but if they say: it didn't mean anything!, they actually speak the truth. Being the most easily bored of all signs, they strongly rely on their fertile imagination to nourish their romantic necessities and this is in fact the most creative of all Venus signs, as their fantasy sees no boundaries (we'll float around and hang out on clouds). They are extremely romantic about life as a whole and their lyrics reflect it. Bon Jovi has plenty: When you breathe I want to be the air for you, I'll be there for you, I'd live and I'd die for you, steal the sun from the sky for you, words can't say what love can do. Norah Jones too: Come away with me and we'll kiss on a mountaintop.

The most important thing of all is Venus in Pisces is able to love you for what you really are (If you come here all you have to do just you be you / Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be) and who never wished for a love that is close to unconditional?

What is a birth chart?

An astrological birth chart is a graphic representation of the skies at the time of a person or an event's birth. It is an actual map of the heavens relating the positions of the planets in the sky to the horizon and meridian of the earth. This is why it is essential that the place of birth and the time and date are provided with as much accuracy as possible because even small variations can produce important changes in the chart.

In this map of heavens it is possible to see, first of all, the Zodiacal Wheel that includes the 12 Zodiac signs. These are, in fact, the band of star constellations that we see in the sky and that have been named after animals or mythical characters after the observations of our ancestors.
Secondly, we can see the Sun, Moon and the eight other known planets* that are transiting through the Zodiac and station at a given sign at a person's birth time.

The astrological charts are also divided into 12 houses that function as an additional interpreting tool. The first house is started by the definition of the Ascendant (a zodiacal point that is found rising East in the sky at the time of the person's birth). From that point on and also based on the position of the meridian, the twelve houses are defined, including the other three angles in the chart (the Descendant, the Immum Coeli, known as the IC and the Midheaven, or MC), all with a particular significance in the astrological interpretation.

The birth-chart also symbolizes the map of the psyche of the individual, representing someone's potential development when he/she is born.

You can see an example of a Birth Chart by clicking here.

* Although Pluto has officially been disregarded as a planet by astronomers, its importance in Astrology is still the same.


My perspective over Astrology

My turning point while studying Astrology was realizing that it is not an “art” designed to predict the future or to explain what happens to us with a simple cause-effect equation. Astrology is an attempt to understand reality and represent it in a symbolic, pictorial language. The vehicles used to express this symbolism are the planets and the signs that serve as a representation of the basic energies present in life. From this starting point we gather immediately that there is no simplicity in astrological analysis, as it tries to embody all human live’s complexities.

If we watch closely, the energies that are present throughout our personal development are also present in all of Nature - the cycles of life affect plants, animals, humans in a similar way. The cycle of the sun creating the four seasons of the year is very visible looking at a tree, how the leaves grow and then fall. the life of a plant can be compared to the cycles of human life: growing, developing, the growth of flowers and then fruits, decay and death.

Used to relying on the observation of nature for their own survival, our ancestors were curious also about the changes in the sky above their heads. After patient observation they noticed that the cycles of the planets above coincided with their life cycles on earth.

Astrology doesn’t necessarily believe that the cycles of planets have an influence over what happens to us. What happens is that planets cycles and life cycle are synchronous. it seems that just like the plants and the animals, the planets also express the ebbs and flows of energy, they are also symbols of these levels of energy which are present all over the solar system. So what astrology does is try to understand the life cycles in someone’s life by equating them with planet cycles, using a language that is symbolic but easily understandable by everyone because everyone goes through the same processes, the same emotions, the same conflicts, the same breakthroughs. Because we ourselves are symbols of these underlying energies.

Rilke's expression "what is within surrounds us" is also a mention to this omnipresence of energy in all of what makes the Universe. It tells us that what happens to us is a reflection of something inside. It seems that our inner nature that includes our affections, conflicts, dreams, desires and emotions...seem to act as magnet, attracting the same kind of substance or energy from the outside world. This immediately alerts us to the fact that we must take responsibility for our lives, even though it's easier to blame others and the world for our misfortunes.

Astrology believes in a person's free will and not in predestined outcomes. This way, a lot of personal work can be done to improve our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. Even if some very basic traits cannot be changed, the more aware we are of what we're made of, of what our strengths and our weaknesses are, the more choices we have for the future. And that's where Astrology can come in, to help us make our own path.


Venus in Scorpio (and music)

Sleeping Venus by Giorgione

Take a Water (feminine) sign and mix it with two (masculine) planet rulers with the calibre of Mars (god of War) and Pluto (god of Death). Then apply this mix into a feminine planet representing the way people love and their feminine side (Venus) and it all sounds a bit too heavy, don't you think?

And it is! With this position love is never a light and fun thing, but a deep, life-changing experience that usually leaves some scarrs (for better or worse). Take Bruce Springsteen (Sun in Libra) whose lyrics could write a seminar on Venus in Scorpio and his iconic song I'm on fire: Sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby, edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul. Tormented is a good description.

Scorpio is the sign most connected to the dark side of things, being very aware of the most underground tendencies within each human being and recognizing that there's both Good and Evil in everyone. Take Jeff Buckley's (Sun in Scorpio) lyrics for instance: dark, mysterious, always mentioning death, life, embers, being reborn, angels and ghosts. Scorpios are experts at identifying your own secret side and exposing it in direct light, even if you are not aware of this side yourself. Scary, huh? But remember that were still talking about a Water sign, very susceptible to feelings, very emphatic and compassionate. Usually it's their intensity and their aptitude for intimacy that draws people to them.

It isn't easy to start a relationship with someone with Venus in Scorpio - they might appear like loners because they don't like to relate to a great number of people and are very discriminative of whom they relate to. Maybe they won't even give you the chance to introduce yourself because they have a general mistrust of people. Bruce Springsteen sings: Girl, ain't no kindness in the face of strangers, Ain't gonna find no miracles here. They are always allert and expecting the worst from others and life (the price to pay for knowing the dark side).

It's the same thing with love: Beth Orton (Sagittarius Sun) sings: Love is a one way train, comes on gentle as a hurricane, it's got p.a.i.n. written all the way through. Mike Skinner from The Streets (Sagittarius Sun as well) in one of his songs about love, comments: It weren't supposed to be easy, surely. These people are no romantics. Springsteen sings: True love can't be no fairytale and Ain't no church bells ringing, Ain't no flags unfurled, It's just me and you and the love we're bringing into the real world. Like other Water signs, they are oversensitive and take measures to protect themselves. Natalie Merchant (Sun in Scorpio) is metaphorical: Gotta build yourself a levee deep inside, Build yourself a levee girl when the waters run high.

In fact, when they're entering a relationship they're pessimistic to a fault. Listen to Natalie Merchant for example: So you're in love, it's so good for you, live it up girl cause it never lasted long, it's heaven for now but not for long, it's gonna hurt, it's gonna make you feel so bad. Maybe it's others who ruin it: Mike Skinner asks - Can you rely on anyone in this World? No you can't, is his answer. Or maybe it's themselves: Nelly Furtado (Sun in Sagittarius) warns:...I will only cause you pain (I promise that); Beth Orton agrees: Yeah, we only hurt the ones we love, while...we don't need a reason. Jeff Buckley shared the same problem: I've loved so many times and I've drowned them all. Or maybe it's something else: It ought to be easy (..) simple enough, man meets a woman and they fall in love, but the house is haunted and the ride gets rough, and you've gotto learn to live with what you can't rise above.

Scorpio's biggest fear is losing control of themselves and their lives. They won't find it funny if a loved one attempts to change them - they take it upon themselves to transform periodically, just like the snake shades its skin or the phoenix is reborn from the embers (two symbols of this sign). Having Mars as a co-ruler makes Scorpio extremely individualistic and building their own path in life (being the only god of their soul) is their biggest goal.

You won't find many of them getting drunk and making a fool of themselves or enjoying frivilous occupations. This isn't the kind of partner who will kneel on your feet with declarations of endless love. Venus in Scorpio is always dignified, always in control, always right. Natalie Merchant sings: I'm not gonna beg you for nothing, I'm not gonna beg you for love. One of Mike Skinner's songs is about a man smitten by a lady and it's called: don't mug yourself! Nelly Furtado confesses: I pretend to be cool with me, want to believe that I can do it on my own without my heart on my sleeve. Springsteen also sings: you're so afraid of being somebody's fool, not walking tough baby, not walking cool. They need a lot of daily introspection and are always seeking the explanation to everything: how they feel, how you feel (because they always know!), why you said this, why you didn't say that...You may feel like telling them to lighten up a little but they are simply too serious about love.

Despite their individualism, Venus in Scorpio is extremely willing to commit to a serious relationship (Alone buddy there ain't no peace of mind, that's why I'll keep searching till I find my special one) and when they do they are completely focused and dedicated to their partner. You can be sure that the relationship is their absolute top priority. Natalie Merchant remembers: for seven years you were loved, (...) you were all I could see. A tad obsessed, perhaps. Obviously, for someone who seeks a body and soul intimacy with someone, a lighthearted relationship just won't do (Honey, I want the heart, I want the soul, I want control right now)!

Because they give so much, they expect the same from their partner and have high standards when it comes to love. (Cheap romance, it's all just a crutch, You don't want nothin' that anybody can touch). When they enter a relationship they are entirely sure that it's what they want (when it comes to love there ain't no doubt) because their feelings about people are extreme: they either like them a lot or not at all. Bruce Springsteen explains: you got to give it all or nothing at all, if what you're thinking of is love, I want it all or nothing at all. Beth Orton thinks: I’d rather have no love than messing with the wrong stuff.

Which leads us to one of the greatest myths associated with Scorpio: Sex. Following common astrological knowledge, you might think you're dealing with a bunch of perverted maniacs, when it's quite the contrary. Yes, Scorpio is very connected to sex but as a transcendental body and soul experience, an expression of love. So, in general and if they're emotionally stable, this isn't a sign to take sex lightly, because, like love, they take it seriously.

Venus in Scorpio's feelings are known to be very intense, probably why they sing things like: I wanna die with you, Wendy, on the streets tonight in an everlasting kiss, or It's never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter. Beth Orton asks: I told you I loved you now what more can I do? Do you want me to lay down and die for you? Carla Bruni (Sun in Capricorn) explains the phenomenon in her song Le Excessive: c'est que l'existence, Sans un peu d'extrême, est inacceptable (meaning that existence, without some extreme, is unnacceptable). She goes on: Je suis excessive, quand tout explose, quand la vie s'exhibe, c'est une transe exquise, basically saying that the explosions and life make for an exquisite trance. Nelly Furtado shares the feeling: I don't want ambivalence no more. (these people are keen on double-negatives, it seems).

When you enter a relationship with someone with Venus in Scorpio you must be prepared:
a) to be stripped naked of all of your secrets; (I've got my sight now, I see everything you hid);
b) to not find out about your partner's secrets because they simply won't tell (She weaves secrets in her hair, The whispers are not hers to share, She's deep as a well);
c) to deal with your partner's need for control. (Baby, let me be your soul driver). This one in particular might be tricky: Scorpio is reported as the most jealous of all signs. (I wish I were blind when I see you with your man; see also Natalie Merchant's song: O Jealousy).

Not only are they possessive but they're also constantly tormented by an underlying negativity when everything should be running smoothly, a haunting feeling (for instance, that their partner will cheat on them). This causes them a great deal of suffering and added need for control. Natalie Merchant sings: Once I could love, I could trust, I could not doubt, but that was the worst thing that I could do. She adds: never again, not in this life will I be taken twice.

This need for control leads to a lot of struggling and fights in their relationships (see The Streets' Get Out of my House song, for a row), as they're not prepared to give the other person the upper hand or admit they're wrong but at the same time they do not respect those who don't stand up to them. Scorpio has a great empathy for human suffering but none for weakness of character. This happens because they are extremely brave emotionally and are willing to make tremendous sacrifices for love, but not everyone has the same ability, which is what they fail to understand.

They also won't put up with betrayal. An eye for an eye...is another of the myths associated with the sign - vengeance. The truth is they won't attack unless they've been attacked themselves. They have a great concern for justice, not the impartial justice of Libra, no, but a personal one: Did you really think that you'd get away, escape my justice until your dying day? asks Natalie Merchant. She states: All the wrong you did, I might forget you, but never forgive.
Mike Skinner has a song about a lost love when need for revenge is visible: I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts but you've got to walk away now. In the end dignity seems to have won the battle here.

If you're willing to deal with all of the above, you'll gain a partner capable of extreme (what else?) loyalty and support (Now our luck may have died and our love may be cold but with you forever I'll stay).

Venus in Scorpio? You?

Venus in Cancer

Aphrodite Anadyomene in Pompeii

For the first time in my Venus articles I'm forced to find the lyrical evidence to back my text in only 2 songwriters (I ask: what gives?!). Furthermore they're both male and Gemini which could somehow cast a doubt about whether this feminine, emotional side of them will be perceptible in their lyrics. (as I've mentioned before men aren't always very conscious of their feminine {Venus} side and when that happens they tend to project this aspect of them onto women in their lives).

But let's get to business! Venus in Cancer has a very emotional, nurturing and devoted approach to love (Water signs, remember?). Emotion and feeling are frequently present in the lyrics: Lenny Kravitz sings: All I want you to do is feel with me. Many of his songs refer to a love revolution or "we got to let love rule". Noel Gallagher (main songwriter for Oasis) also mentions it: Let there be love and I feel love (...) now all my emotions fill the air I breathe (which is a very nice metaphor for someone with Gemini Sun, since this is the sign of breathing and lungs).
You can find lyrics that are very romantic (remember kissing in the moonlight? You are my life and my passion that never goes out of fashion, I want to know will you marry me? - Lenny Kravitz) but bear in mind that they have a great sense of self-protection and caution - Cancer is terrified of being hurt and rejected because they care about other people's opinions too much. The possibility of someone saying no to them equals complete humiliation and so, even though they're Cardinal signs, their approach to the things they want is not direct like, for instance, Aries. The crab is the main Cancer symbol and if you look at one walking towards something you'll notice they don't follow a direct line. Furthermore they rarely forget when they've been hurt by others. Lenny Kravitz sings: I've got to find a way to get past what I can't forgive.

This way, one of the most important factors in a relationship to Venus in Cancer is security. Cancer represents family and home and so these people will want to build something that can become their home, something secure and familiar where they can relax. Lenny Kravitz sings: I can't live my life alone without a home and also I'm just trying to get back home in any way, how I miss all the good times. In one of Oasis' earlier songs, Noel Gallagher wrote: What a life it would be if you would come to mine for tea, I'll pick you up at half past three and we'll have lasagne. Even if they're not very domestic people they'll want to grow roots because that's their biggest guarantee for a safe future. Gallagher explains: build something, build a better place and call it home, even if it means nothing you'll never ever feel that you're alone.
Being alone is, like for other Water signs, one of their biggest fears. Here's evidence provided by Noel Gallagher: we need each other, we believe in one another/ it's hard enough being alone, sitting here by the phone, waiting for my memories to come and play.

Family is one of their greatest treasures; perhaps why Lenny Kravitz's album Mamma Said is dedicated to his wife Lisa and most of the songs have a familar tone to it. He sings: we both are hurting and it's gonna take a little time to heal all the wounds and save our family. He also includes a song for his daughter called Flowers for Zoë. In another album he sings: In this garden our children will grow, Darling this is a must, We’ll be so happy, our little family so full of love and trust.

It's important for the partner of someone with this Venus to demonstrate their affection often, so that the person feels more confident and reassured, as their insecurity will sometimes be their biggest enemy. But if you're with someone with Venus in Cancer, you probably have a hard time knowing what mood they'll be in every half an hour. Lenny Kravitz wrote: If you open your eyes you’d see that I’m wearing a frown - pouting and being mute may be their way to get attention from you. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and this involves quick and fluid changes in their disposition. At the same time, their personality is quite conservative and will want to maintain the status quo at all costs (count on them to be extremely tenacious on their opinions).

If you imagine a crab grabbing something with their claws, you'll understand how they simply won't let go. Musical evidence is abundant. Lenny Kravitz has two songs that say it all: I'm gonna stand by my woman now and It ain't over 'til it's over. In his lyrics he insists: This love will never leave you, this love will never let you go. Never letting go also means being there to take care of you (But I would never lie, let things go by, leave you in road to die, I would never ever say goodbye) until the end of time: Darling when we're old, we'll close the gates and lock the door, our love will never fade away. Oasis have two songs that reflect this as well: stand by me, nobody knows the way it's gonna be and don't go away, say that you'll stay forever and a day. You can guess that usually Venus in Cancer isn't the one to end relationships - even if they are comfortable with emotionality, they prefer to avoid confrontations.

Cancer also represents the Mother, so someone with Venus in Cancer will either look for someone to mother them or inversely adopt a motherly-role in their love relationships (taking care of someone is the easiest way for Cancer to show affection). Lyrics prove it: Good morning, Can I walk you to the train, Would you like to get a bagel on the way? (Kravitz) and you make sure I eat today (Gallagher). As other water signs, they need to feel needed. But it's very important that they direct their attention into other things besides their loved ones, or there might be the danger that they'll try to rebel against constant attention. So a creativity outlet is very important for Venus in Cancer, they need a project to express themselves.

Cancer is extremely imaginative (Gallagher: lived in a bubble ... not concerned about what life was sending ... fantasy was real) but they're also very concerned about the responsabilities and the real world so you can expect a partner that is fully commited but that can also dream (Whenever you call me, I'll be waiting, Whenever you need me, I'll be there {Kravitz}).

The most worrying tendency to be aware with Venus in Cancer is their tendency to manipulate others and this is also a Water characteristic. Being very sensitive to other people's feelings they easily pick up on other people's moods and work with them until they get what they want (I want you to know I'm emphatic about your love that's enigmatic). And if this isn't dubious enough, they might use this ability to prevent other people from leaving them or going against their wishes - they do that by playing the martyr, as we've seen on Water signs.

Venus in Cancer isn't prone to rationalisations and will never explain or analyse themselves (they simple can't, hence the famous Oasis lyric
there are many things that i would like to say to you but I don't know how or I can't find the words to say about the things caught in my mind). They are extremely secretive. In order to deal with this side of them, their partners must learn to read the non-verbal signs. When given the necessary emotional reassurance and feedback, Venus in Cancer can provide a very patient and loyal partner, an expert in understanding and taking care of others.


Venus in Water signs

This is a little post to introduce you to the mood of Water signs. And they are very moody! It's the currents you see, water currents they come and they go, nature is in constant mutation (cycles) and these are the three signs that are more in-tune with these instinctual currents.

If you look at the symbols of these signs you'll see the most primitive beings in the Zodiac - the crab, the scorpion and the fish - all cold-blooded creatures, very far from the rational human. So unlike the rational Air signs, that thrive on thoughts and ideas, Water signs are driven by feelings and instincts.

They have strong feelings about things which they can't really explain. They're the kind that may drive you insane saying they don't like something and when you ask why, they say: I don't know, I just don't like it. They may be less rational than other types and usually that isn't seen as a good thing. But why not?

First of all, they're not trying to impose their feelings on you, they realize feelings are entirely subjective but the ones they have are their reality. Secondly, it also means that they are extremely sensitive and imaginative and by being connected with more in-depth realities they have the ability to emphasize with other people's feelings much more easily.

Nevertheless, just like Air types have trouble with emotion, Water types have trouble with ideas and theories. They consider them useless because they're generalistic and unpersonal, they prefer to consider things that apply to them and to people around them. For this reason you might find them apparently careless when it comes to theories, politics, institutions...and they can be extremely unfair, introducing double-standards at every occasion and driving Air types mad. The fact is that they can't detach from their reality (feelings) and assume a broader perspective.

What really matters to them is the people around them, particularly the ones they care about. When it comes to these relationships they are extremely devoted and selfless. There are no signs that need human contact as much as Water signs, they live for their relationships, for their feelings for other people and may sometimes even live through their relationships.

Venus in Water signs needs to feel secure in their relationships and when they find that security they aren't likely to get bored. Why? Because they have a tremendous imagination and exploring the unknown is not their cup of tea.

In a relationship they'll shower you with attention which can be frightnening for more independent types but the truth is, if you want things to work with Water signs, you must let them believe that they are needed, otherwise all their devotion will seem unwanted and the person will sulk. Here comes the danger of possessiveness because the Water person may feel that since they're not needed, the relationship and that security might be at risk and this leads them to cling to their loved ones, sometimes resorting to emotional blackmail and playing the victim. They don't do it consciously but it's easy to see through their martyr-role.

If you're willing to show them your less independent side, you can expect a partner that is extremely intuitive and caring, someone who probably won't talk much about the relationship but will definitely convey their feelings towards you in very emotional ways. Someone who seems to know just want you need and just how you're feeling. So make the most of it and be pampered, but take some time to teach the Water person how to receive too.

*painting: Venus and Cupid by Alessandro Allori


Venus in Aquarius in music

Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus

I have a face I cannot show,
I make the rules up as I go,
It's try and love me if you can,
Are you strong enough to be my man?
(Sheryl Crow)

The final Air Sign, Aquarius, is probably the most difficult to pin down as we're dealing with a sign that is the master of the unconventional. So how do we explain love (Venus) when it's exactly what we don't expect (Aquarius)?

We can start by establishing that these people seek unconventional relationships and don't like to go by the rules. In fact, Aquarius (being co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn) usually make their own rules, so you'd better be prepared to deal with an independent partner. Janis Joplin (Capricorn Sun) warns: I ain't the kind of woman who'd make your life a bed of ease. But if you just wanna go out drinking, honey, won't you invite me along please. Dido (also a Capricorn) presents herself: I am what I am, I'll do what I want. She explains: if you tell me that i can't, i will, i will I'll try all night and if I say i'm coming home, i'll probably be out all night. Sheryl Crow (Sun in Aquarius) asks: Why should I solidify? and she tears down all illusions about her: I guess you thought I'd I'd seed my clouds with the rain of your personal dreams, I guess you thought I'd throw confetti at your parade of lofty thoughts.

Usually their own rules follow their very high principles of how the World should be, or in the specific case of Venus in Aquarius how love should be. Yes, they've probably given it a lot of thought and have high ideals of love, which they'll try very hard to maintain.

Aquarius is the paradigm of Air signs, constantly distracted by ideas (Dave Matthews, Capricorn Sun, writes: My head won't leave my head alone and I don't believe it will until I'm dead and gone), trying to figure out the logic and explanation of things and having futuristic visions about the Ideal World. They are concerned with Mankind (listen to Janis Joplin: Believe in your brother, have faith in man, help each other honey if you can) and with Venus in Aquarius they'll love people, they're even prepared to sacrifice their interests in favour of a wider benefit. Sheryl Crow explains: The World will turn even when we're gone, the Earth will host many souls to come. Remember that this sign opposites individuality-centered Leo, here the Collective is more important.

And yet they might love people and not love the individuals. They might be too busy trying to live by their principles to stop and get to know themselves and the people around them. They seem a bit aloof because they have difficulties relating to others. Remember that being an Air sign they don't deal well with emotions, these seem contrary to logic and so they fear and repress them. Here's Sheryl Crow worrying about that: Afraid of feeling nothing, No bees or butterflies. It may be endearing (or not) to find someone who is so brilliant in terms of ideas and so completely clueless and naive in emotional areas. You can thus expect a Venus in Aquarius lover to be anything but romantic, mushy and emotional - all these things seem unreasonable to them and they'll run from emotional scenes and teary-eyed partners like a cat from a bath.

Instead what they seek and need from a relationship is plenty of space to express their originality and individuality, someone who they can talk to and that they find interesting, a lot of tolerance and understanding. They are happy to provide all of this in return, as Dave Matthews testifies: Do what you will always, walk where you like, your steps, do as you please, I'll back you up. Yes, I mentioned space, as they need personal freedom at all times (I lost count of the times the word free came up at the lyrics, but here's some examples: For this queen you think you own wants to be a hunter again, wants to see the world alone again, to take a chance on live again, so let me go/ the crown you placed upon my head feels too heavy now (Dido); You're gonna take care of yours, I'll take care of mine + Either take this love I offer or honey let me be (Janis Joplin); but to Venus in Aquarius, love can be a source of freedom too: torn up and tied, you free me/ And if you see me could you free me with a smile so I can let go. (Sheryl Crow) she adds: There's beauty in release.

Above all what they want from a partner is a friend; someone that is supportive and loyal. It's easier to keep things near the ideal with a friend than with a lover, right? Venus in Aquarius keeps it friendly with their loved ones; they don't play games of seduction, they're too honest and even clumsy in their seduction techniques. Dido says it all about their ways of thinking with this piece: I know you think that I shouldn't still love you or tell you that, But if I didn't say it, well I'd still have felt it, Where's the sense in that?

They'll want to be admired by their unique and unconventional ways and will also be attracted by people with this profile, someone with whom they can share visions of a better future and have a varied time. Venus in Aquarius is easily bored: Dave Matthews sings: Oh I want to change it. Dido writes: I'm tired and bored of waiting for you/I'm bored of hanging out in your cold and she sighs: Oh Lord, please finally, finally things are changing. Sheryl Crow sings: "A change would do you good" and also "All I wanna do is have some fun". In her song Run Baby Run she sings about someone running from the old: past the arms of the familiar...to the comfort of the strangers slipping out before they say so long/searching through the stations for an unfamiliar song (there's thirst for the new).

Perhaps this is why I found so many lyrics about moving on. Dido: When I feel lost I just slip away...take my things and go and think what's the point? + I haven't ever really found a place that I call home, I never stick around quite long enough to make it + I'm gonna leave tonight before I change my mind. Sheryl Crow's Leaving Las Vegas fits this theme perfectly: Took your car and drove to Texas, sorry honey but I suspected we were through ...these days it seems that nowhere is far enough away. In another song she writes: Maybe we all could use a little grace to know when to run and when to stay in one place. Also: Since I left been feeling better cause that's what you get when you stay together too long - so is this boredom we're talking about? Perhaps Janis Joplin had the key: I keep moving on but I never found out why, I keep pushing so hard the dream, I keep trying to make it right. Searching for the ideal perhaps?

Venus in Libra (in music)

The most famous Venus of all - Botticelli

A little physical attraction
Romantic, old-fashioned charm
And a lot of love and tenderness
Is gonna get you into her arms
(Shania Twain)

We now arrive at Venus in Libra, the second of the signs where Venus feels right at home. There's no sign more in tune with love and relationships than Libra. They live and breathe for relating, both in love and social relationships. Probably why Freddie Mercury (Sun in Virgo)wrote a song that goes: I was born to love you, with every single beat of my heart. Venus in Libra will probably be the most traditional image we have of Venus as a partner: romantic, devoted, well-mannered, seductive, attracted to beauty...
Besides, Libra is associated with the Arts and Music in particular, so I expected to find great songwriters with Venus in Libra (or other Libra emphasis).

Let's start by establishing that love comes first. Shania Twain (Virgo Sun) asks: Is there life after love? Freddie Mercury again sings Love is all you need; Katie Melua (Virgo Sun also) confesses: Nothing else excites me but loving you. Elvis Costello (Sun in Virgo) contributes: In all the world, there's only one true love and finding it's hard enough). F. Mercury again: Funny how love is everywhere just look and see, funny how love is anywhere you're bound to be, funny how love is every song in every key.

But we shouldn't forget that Libra is first and foremost an Air sign, so even if they do constantly think of love and relationships and are able to discuss them with seeming knowledge, their ideas are mostly theoretical because emotionally they are still as childlike and naive as the other Air signs. Also like the other Air signs, Libra is extremely idealistic; they're in constant search for Beauty and to them beauty is balance and harmony, hence the scales as the symbol for this sign. Katie Melua describes fascination: You're beautiful so silently, it lies beneath a shade of blue, It struck me so violently when I looked at you. They're not immune to a pretty face.

Libra dislikes extremes so they're usually stepping from one side of the scale to the other, trying to find the right equilibrium. You can do the maths: there isn't really an absolute degree of Perfection and Ideal in the real World and so reality and the less perfect aspects of it, in particular, may be avoided. Ben Harper (Sun in Scorpio) sings: Real life has let you down, Someone stripped the jewels from your crown.

Venus in Libra will never give up searching for the right partner or trying to make their relationships better and often they succeed in making whatever's around them more pleasant and beautiful because they're willing to compromise. They are extremely dedicated to their relationships. Shania Twain sings: It takes two hearts with one beat and it takes two to say I do; in another song she writes If it don't take two and if I'm not with you, no it ain't worth going through. Freddie Mercury recognizes the work that might need to be done: yes it's a hard life, two lovers together, to love and live forever in each others hearts, it's a long hard fight to learn to care for each other, to trust in one another...

As a Cardinal sign, Libra is prone to innitiating things and they do it especially in the sphere of relationships, they have an urge to relate and seek company, that is their biggest need (does can anybody find me somebody to love ring a bell?). And it's not hard for them to do so because they're particularly charming and pleasing to talk to. They are the kind that seems to always be considering you, your opinions, your needs, your wishes. Who doesn't love to be paid attention? It is a fact that Libra is the best sign on putting themselves on other people's shoes. Freddie Mercury sings: whenever you stroll along with me I'm merely contemplating what you feel inside (isn't that lovely?). They are very aware that other people have different views on things and this awareness may even become agonizing, as they need to understand everybody's take on something before they make a move (why they're often considered indecisive). This awareness combined with their dislike for extremes makes them cautious in taking a firm position. Hence Katie Melua's song Spider's Web: the piano keys are black and white but they sound like a million colours in your mind. She asks: How do I know which is right? Shania Twain also prefers to overlook the "labels": I'm not sayin' I have all the answers and I don't care who's right or wrong.

They'll ask for your opinion all the time because they're genuinely interested. Besides it also helps to get people on their side, with the ultimate goal of creating pleasant relationships and avoiding conflict. Some might think of them as hypocrites because they always tell you what you want to hear, but they do this to avoid unpleasantness - why focus on the bad things and not on the good ones? Fair play.

But what happens when things need to be discussed? Venus in Libra will always want to talk about "the relationship", for hours preferably (Elvis Costello writes: we can talk like we're in love or talk like we're above it, we can talk and talk until we talk ourselves out of it). Nevertheless their partners are allowed to ask themselves whether the other person is being emotionally honest. The truth is that in their censorship of the darker side of things, they might now allow themselves to feel things that to them are unacceptable (e.g. jealousy, insecurity, anger). Freddie Mercury laments: jealousy, you got me somehow, you gave me no warning, took me by surprise. They think that that's not what love is about; love is supposed to be conjugated with happiness, joy and fulfillment (in their ideal world), not negative emotions. In the real world, though, you won't find a love relationship that perfect, so Venus in Libra may be tempted to love on a platonic level, in the level of the gods where bad things won't occur. And ultimately, this emotional repression will harm them because emotions always find a way of getting through (they may become depressed or snap up when you least expect them to).

In the meantime, this plantonic-ness results in inumerous lyrics of romantic fantasy. Here's only a few: We were born to ride side by side, we are always reaching for the stars and they can still be ours (Katie Melua); We spent all our days holding hands together, do you remember my love? how we danced and played, in the rain we laid, wish that we could stay there forever and ever (Freddie Mercury); I give my hand to you with all my heart, can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start, you and I will never be apart, my dreams came true because of you (Shania Twain).

Venus in Libra is romantic to a point that can make you uncomfortable, to say the least. I was amazed at the amount of sugary-rose-coloured-marriage-vows-kind of lyrics that I found. Elvis Costello to start off: I'll watch out for you, I'll always be there, in the hour of distress you need not fear; Shania Twain is a champion in these sort of lyrics, which is no wonder: falling in love under starlight, I do swear that I'll always be there. I'd give anything and everything and I will always care. Through weakness and strength (...) But surprisingly Freddie Mercury isn't far behind: I can dim the lights and sing you songs full of sad things, we can do the tango just for two, I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings, be your valentino just for you. They also love to share everything with you (remember fairness comes first), as Mercury testified: Give a little love to me (I want it), take a little love from me, I want to share it with you.

Are you in a sugar coma yet? No? Good! Because notice also the abbundance of romantic symbols that are mentioned. Venus in Libra is thrilled by those rituals that symbolize love: vows, gestures, marriage. Shania Twain sings: I want bells to ring, a choir to sing, the white dress, the guests, the cake, the car, the whole darn thing. Even Freddie Mercury mentions I feel so romantic and underneath the moonlight, together we'll sail across the sea, shine on silvery moonlight. In another song he describes romanticism from a Libra point of view: Dining at the Ritz, we'll meet at nine precisely, I will pay the bill, you taste the wine, driving back in style, in my saloon will do quite nicely. He finishes it up by saying: there he goes again just like a good old-fashioned lover boy. Exactly.

Being more focused on others, they often don't value themselves as much. This can make them dependant of others and their positive appreciation, which might lead them to indulge in flirty behaviour, with very little real meaning. Elvis Costello is projecting that here: But you tease, and you flirt And you shine all the buttons on your green shirt. Watch out. They are terrified of being alone: Without you now I see how fragile the world can be/And when you went I became a hopeless drifter (Katie Melua); would surely die if you dismiss me from your love/ So please don't go, don't leave me here all by myself + My baby left me alone, she done me dirty and I'm feeling so lonely (Freddie Mercury); Without you, I'm not conversational...Without you, I miss talking in the dark (Elvis Costello); I don't want to live alone (Ben Harper).

In the end their challenge is to relate but accept the good and the bad sides of their reality and understand that the bad and ugly things have their place in the World too.


Venus in Gemini (in music)

Equestrienne, Marc Chagall (1931)

Gemini is probably the most lighthearted sign Venus can ever choose to be in. It is the sign of youth - Courtney Love (Sun in Cancer) sings for her band Hole: I feel the horses coming galloping, I will never grow old and also I'm too young to be so old. Having the love planet, Venus, in this sign indicates a person who is jovial in love, who seeks variety, excitement and fun. No wonder I found lyrics that brought me colourful, bright, fresh atmospheres. The sky and the sea are mentioned often; dancing and having fun are a constant too. Courtney Love again sings: While this beating heart is still a Valentine, I'm gonna ride this thing until the wheels fall off cause girls like me we always get what we want. So let's go!

Wham (with lyrics written by George Michael - Sun in Cancer) are often a synonym of party music. For example, the classic Club Tropicana: the drinks are free, fun and sunshine, there's enough for everyone. The examples are numerous: All I'm trying to give you is a good time, honey, why do ya have to keep on playing games with my head? As a solo artist, George Michael kept his tune: My friends got their ladies, they're all having babies, I just wanna have some fun. The bright lights are present in Kylie Minogue's (Sun in Gemini) lyrics as well: You show me all the colours when I'm feeling blue, you're the brightest shining lights on Broadway, pink in evening sunsets every day. Love is equated with fun: Come join the loveboat, we're anchored offshore, martinis and bikinis, oh l'amour. Mick Hucknall (lead singer and songwriter for Simply Red - Sun in Gemini) doesn't forget the fun side: I've been out loving all night long, I can't help it, that love it makes me strong. He advises: So enjoy and live, because it's only love doing its thing baby. Once again love is happy: we have a way that seems to brighten up the day.

Gemini is extremely curious and interested in people and all sorts of other things, probably why Liz Greene describes Gemini as a butterfly. As we know, butterflies never stop in a place for very long and the way they move is completely unexpected. This also makes it harder to really understand the person: if the butterfly doesn't stop moving, you don't get to see the wings perfectly. It's no wonder that Kylie Minogue wrote a song called Butterfly. Mick Hucknall has another interesting way of expressing this constant movement: Being one of those grains of sand, I get blown all around the world.

You'll get all the time I can give, as long as you respect my freedom to live; he advises: walk around, be free and roam. Wham lyrics also mention it: Wise guys realize there's danger in emotional ties; see me, single and free, no tears, no fears, what I want to be. It can't be any clearer than that. As a solo artist, George Michael adds: Don't put your love in chains baby. This doesn't mean that these people aren't interested in love, no. Mick Hucknall seems to know the score: I got a need to be free, yet I know that I need someone and I'm calling out to you. Others put it in a more poetic way: I think it's amazing the way that love can set you free (George Michael) and Your love gives me wings (Kylie Minogue).

Venus in Gemini is not one to enjoy sitting by the fire holding hands with their "muse". They need excitement and something that seems comfortable to them means boredom and they despise that. Courtney Love sings: I'm will wait for you and when you bore me I'll be gone. Mick Hucknall explains: You're so beautiful but oh so boring, I'm wondering what am I doing here. Kylie adds: Don't blame me just because I am bored, I'm needy, I need to taste it all. And boring in this case means lack of communication.

Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini seeks communication in all aspects of life and in love relationships especially, in the case of the Geminian Venus. First of all, they are attracted to people who are communicative, secondly they use their exceptional chatty talent to win them over and thirdly they expect their relationships to be a constant trade of interesting things to say. For a person with Venus in Gemini to fall in love it's essential that the brain is stimulated. As Kylie Minogue puts it: Slow down, move to the rhythm that is in my mind. The lack of communication can lead to bitterness, Mick Hucknall sings: So many words are left unspoken, the silent voices are driving me crazy and Kylie Minogue identifies the problem as well: Desperately seeking someone willing to travel, you're lost in conversation and useless at Scrabble.

As we've seen for the Air signs in general, they are not very at ease with the emotional side of things. Kylie Minogue asks: How do you describe a feeling? Mick Hucknall also seems unable to talk about emotion: Can't explain how you make me feel, looking down is mighty real. Courtney Love describes what could be the predominance of mind over heart in Venus in Gemini: I know, I can't feel it, well I know it enough to believe it.

For Gemini being unable to see the logic of emotions leads them to avoid intensity and sometimes even fear the emotionality. George Michael sings: I'm so scared of this love and also Need a lover but love's such a dangerous place to be. Mick Hucknall explains his inadequacy: I don't know how hard it'll be when I suffer, Affection is a start for me, I hope it's gonna move on. Kylie Minogue also doesn't know how to handle it: You're asking yourself, what's real? What to do with these feelings that you have inside surreal?

Sometimes when they don't know what to do, they'll simply try to keep the emotions under control, far from the eye of their observers: Mick Hucknall sings Ooh I remember those old love letters, plagued with memories, I can't forget us, trying to fight it, trying to hide it. But other times hiding it doesn't work, for Kylie: See through me when I put up a fight, like you to see the things I hide. Go deeper than I won't let you know, I'm frightened but I won't let it show. Often this leads to more trouble: I play it cool, so cool that no-one ever understands me (Mick Hucknall). For this reason Venus in Gemini can be seen by some as superficial and cold. They are willing to talk about their relationship with you, but you might get frustrated as soon as you realize they won't go into the deeper issues.

From these examples, you've probably gathered that Venus in Gemini isn't the most willing to settle of the love signs. The trouble is that their interests change often (Courtney Love sings: Our love is quicksand, so easy to drown) and some of their relationships may not last very long (Kylie Minogue explains her logic: It mightn't last more than a day but I'll take my chances anyway, 'cause my heart is saying it's for real). Gemini is a mutable sign. Often they feel confused by what seem opposite realities inside themselves. As you probably know, the twins represent Gemini and they often feel like they're two different people and don't know whether to follow one or the other (feelings vs. reason, masculine vs. feminine). Courtney Love wrote a song called Good Sister/Bad Sister (duality). Sometimes it's hard to distinguish right from wrong as they try to keep impartial. Mick Hucknall wrote: We are so many people, living different lives under turbulent times, Oh man, we don't know good from evil. Kylie sings also: Clever girl, think you're right but what's right from wrong? Clever girl, think you are but you think too much. Yes, thinking seems to be a problem too: I've got to think twice before I give my heart away (George Michael); I'm thinking, thinking about it all, I'm sorting everything inside + Don't let anyone tell you what you think you must think (Kylie Minogue).

So Mick Hucknall reaches this great conclusion: Ideals are fine for beauty but for love they fool relationships. Ha! The sooner Venus in Gemini realizes this: that love can't be logically analysed and systematised and that feelings need to be acknowledged and dealt with, the happier they will become.


Venus in Air signs

After writing about Venus in Capricorn, I concluded the first half of the Zodiac signs (Fire and Earth) and move on now to Venus in Air signs, which at first glimpse looks like the biggest challenge for my "Venus as the Muse" study.

The Air element is more concerned with the World of Ideas and has an inner need to rationalise and objectively explain everything that surrounds them. They are able to detach and look at personal situations from a perspective other than their own, which is very useful for dealing with let-downs and unforseen circumstances, no doubt. They are positive and optimistic as long as they understand the logic of what surrounds them.

Well, as we know, Love may be a lot of things but logical is not often one of them and, on this investigation, I'm focusing mainly on love, relationships and love songs, the venusian aspects. Love and other emotions defy all kinds of systems and patterns; it is unpredictable, uncontrollable and unexplainable.

This is obviously terrifying for people that need logic and so Air signs tend to repress emotions that they can't deal with. They'll simple ignore them (unconsciously) and lack the awareness of the emotional activity that goes on deep inside of them so they'll have trouble talking about their feelings. They will talk about anything else though. Communication is absolutely essential to them and the base for any relationship they're in. They need the constant flow and exchange of ideas, sharing their thoughts with other people and hearing yours. They'll be very curious about you. In fact if you meet them at a party, you might be smitten, as they are the most charming, graceful and chatty party-goers. They'll make you laugh, ask you lots of questions and tell you about their latest crazy ideas.

Later if your relationship with an Air person becomes a little more serious, you will have trouble getting them to talk about their feelings. They feel like they don't need to because they're so unaware of that dimension. Imagine a little kid, innocent, the purest of intentions, trusting you 100% because they're profoundly idealistic. Deep down, Air types (like children) are extremely sensitive and vulnerable, but they're not able to deal with their emotional issues on a conscious level. So they might sulk when something's wrong or shut you out. And you can't force them to discuss their emotions (you can't do that with little children, can you?)

You just have to let them be, give them space and independence. Above all they look for someone to talk to, spend time with and have lots of light-hearted fun. If things get too heavy, they may be tempted to run away. They want a fun and communicative companion.

So the question for me is: is this emotional repression reflected in a lack of overtly romantic love songs? Or does the Air love for communication mean even a more frequent use of songs to express emotion? I'll have to go and see.


Venus in Capricorn (in Music)

Venus with a Mirror by Tiziano (Titian)

Makes you feel like you've been blessed
Promises things so special
Seems to come right from a song
Soon as you begin to feel secure
Turn around and he is gone
(Alicia Keys seems to describe Venus in Capricorn)

Capricorn is the sign of principles and having Venus in Capricorn indicates that love and romance are taken seriously, with responsibility. Unless you find them in the experimental-phase of their lives (before they find out what their principles are), a flirt is not on the cards.

Capricorn is known for being very goal-oriented. They like to take control of their lives and follow their ambitions, but surely love relationships can't be handled the same way they handle their business deals. And this is where the trouble begins for Venus in Capricorn. They can't tolerate lack of control over things and love relationships involve lots of uncontrolable emotions, which make them a difficult and important challenge for these people. Alicia Keys (Aquarius Sun) on love: It will forsake you, threaten to break you, take what you got. Because what is the opposite of control (Capricorn)? Vulnerability (the opposite sign - Cancer) and Capricorn will try to avoid that at all costs, as they need to show competence and self-control at all times. Feist (Aquarius Sun) tries to avoid the emotionality but fails: Closing of the stream, in hope we both stay dry, but feeling makes it through within the rush of you. She adds: The tragedy starts from the very first spark, losing your mind for the sake of your heart. She makes it really clear: Heart on my sleeve, not where it should be.

So if you're considering an involvement with someone with a Capricorn Venus, you'll find someone cautious (Alicia Keys: Before we go too far across the line, gotta really make sure that I'm sure), that keeps it cool, trying to disguise their panic at the lack of control by appearing competent, as if to say 'I'm good at this too'. Bjork (Sun in Scorpio) sings: Nobody gets the better of me. They don't want to be (seen as) dependent on someone else so, similarly to what we've seen in Virgo, self-sufficiency will be a state they'll work hard to achieve (Bjork sings: You're alright, there's nothing wrong, self-sufficience please and get to work! and also It's tricky when you feel someone has done something on your behalf). Their individual strength and independence is essential to their sense of self-worth and it's common that they have periods of celibacy. There are several mentions to this state in songs: for instance, Feist has songs named "The Onliest" and "Lonely, lonely", Bjork sings: As much as I definitely enjoy solitude, I wouldn't mind perhaps spending little time with you. Robbie Williams (Sun in Aquarius) explains: Round and round in circles, live a life of solitude, 'till we find ourselves a partner, someone to relate to, Then we slow down, before we fall down.

So eventually they will find a partner! This is no fear of commitment; in fact, Capricorn is willing to commit because their values speak higher than anything else. They want someone to share their lives with very much. They believe in family, duty and constancy. Feist sings: It's cool to love your family, I know because I love them more and more. This is one of the Venus positions more likely to rank other values above love when considering an union: stability, sharing life-goals, building a family structure. It's not that they don't marry for love. But usually they don't count only on love to build a successful partnership.

Sometimes the partner they seek will come later in life or in the form of an older partner, as Venus in Capricorn emphasizes the role of experience and time in love and relationships. Sometimes it's the simple fact that time helps the person to deal more effectively with their insecurities, making the relationships more fulfilling. Alicia Keys describes it this way: It took me maybe two years and sh*t, but I'm feeling prepared (...)And I'm feeling a little more ready for the world and less lost, as I once was. Feist says in a realistic fashion: It may be years until the day my dreams will match up with my pay. Bjork recognizes the importance of time: One day you will blossom, One day when you're ready. Alicia Keys again highlights the experience: Yes, I was burned but I called it a lesson learned.

Venus in Capricorn may also have relationships that stand the test of time because the person is extremely persistent and not willing to let go of relationships that easily. Sometimes this "glue" means that troubled relationships can be worked on. Alicia Keys explains: Sometimes it's gonna feel like it'll never be right but something so strong keeps you holding on. Other times it means that it's very hard to let go of past relationships, as described in various lyrics from my research. Alicia Keys, for instance, sings: But how do I let go when I've loved him for so long and I've given him all that I could?/ It's so hard to just let go, when this is the one and only love I've ever known. Feist asks: Be mine through time. Robbie Williams doesn't want to forget: It's not always true that time heals all wounds, There are wounds that you don't wanna heal, The memories of something really good, something truly real, that you never found again. Venus in Capricorn never forgets and memories are also a constant presence in the lyrics.

Being an Earth sign, Venus in Capricorn promises a good lover. This is not the romantic kind of partner (they don't trust their romantic impulses and keep their fantasies to themselves), nor the spontaneous. Bjork explains sweetly: You know that I adore you, you know that I love you. So don't make me say it, it would burst the bubble, break the charm. Robbie Williams also contributes: I won't sing of amore, It don't sound sincere, Love is a cliché but it fits not here. So it's a solemn, sober atitude towards relationships. They won't risk public declarations of love. Bjork sings: There lies my passion, hidden; There lies my love, I'll hide it under a blanket, I'll keep it in a hidden place. No matter how much intimacy you've reached, there's always a little secret place inside themselves that they won't share with you. It's their safety-net, where they keep their dreams and their fantasies. Alicia Keys sings: Because no one knows me underneath these clothes.

Capricorn represents the archetypal image of the Father and particularly in their earlier love relationships, a pattern of a father-child relationship may be adopted: the person either seeks a parental figure or plays the fatherly role. Generally, the Venus in Capricorn person seeks relationships where they can give or receive protection and care. Bjork sings: Comfort and protection, I'll watch over you. Feist adds: Take me in your care. But even if they are the protected part, they still need to take control over the relationship and know exactly where it's going (Bjork sings: Don't ask me what's gonna happen next, I know the future, I'd love to lead you the way, just to make it easier on you). They are solid, stable partners that want to impress you with all their competence and in return they expect you to appreciate them, as noted by Alicia Keys in her song A Woman's Worth (Wanna please, wanna keep, wanna treat your woman right; Not just dough but to show that you know she is worth your time).

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and this is planet indicates where we need to confront our deepest fears and gain experience (to put it kindergarden-simple). Having Venus in Capricorn suggests that Venus-related things like LOVE are extremely valued but also incredibly feared because they expose our most primal fears of failure and inadequacy. It's no wonder that many lyrics mention this fear. Bjork (The thrill of fear, Now greatly enjoyed with courage); Feist (You are everything I've always feared); Alicia Keys (When you took hold, I was sold, using fear to control, now it unfolds ). Justin Timberlake (Sun in Aquarius) (Fear has got me second guessing). Not finding love leaves them broken-hearted: You analyze everyone you meet but get no sign, Love ain't kind, Every night you admit defeat and cry yourself blind (Robbie Williams). The insecurities are evident: I constantly fight my insecurities when I can't reach you by phone, sings Justin again. He also asks: Am I worthy of? Am I man enough? Am I strong enough to maintain this love? You’ve got me questioning.

So Venus in Capricorn will be confronted with these basic feelings of insecurity that, as mentioned above, can be resolved in time, using the Capricornian tools of persistance and effort. Love needs to be worked on, almost like a job.